Hey, everyone! I hope you are all surviving the long winter. Here in Illinois, we’re supposed to get 6-10″ of snow and 20 below zero wind chills over the next 36 hours or so, but that doesn’t bother me. If it’s going to be cold, it might as well snow. That’s what I always say. But I am eager for warmer weather because I have so much to get to, and it requires much better weather than 20 below zero, or even 20 above zero.

On the list to review so far this year is the Rize Liberty, Super 73 Z1, Juiced HyperScorpion, Ride1Up’s 700 ST, Swagtron EB7 Plus, Jupiter Bike Discovery X5, MacWheel LNE-16, KBO Bike’s new Breeze step-thru, Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru and the Rad Power Bike RadWagon 4. Yeah, I finally decided I’m going with the RadWagon for my electric cargo bike. I agonized over the decision for weeks, but that’s because there’s so many good options. I’ll be writing about why I went with the RadWagon over the others.

Some of these bikes I’ve written reviews for in the past, but I’ll be adding video reviews for the YouTube channel. I always refer to YouTube when researching a new bike. It’s so helpful to see them and not just read about them.

Making videos isn’t as easy as it may seem, but I look forward to getting a little more creative for more interesting and helpful videos. I’m learning how to use the GoPro Max to get good riding shots. Boy, those who really know how to use them make it look so effortless. It’s not effortless.

I also have my first electric scooter coming. It’s the CSC Monterey that I wrote about not long ago. Yes, I totally fell for it. Now I have to get a motorcycle license, but I’ve always wanted a scooter like that. It’s mild and rides more like an ebike than a motorcycle, so it’s right up my alley. I’ll be writing about other electric scooters as well, and hopefully get to test ride a few!

Oh, and yes I still review smartwatches, just not as often. Right now I’m testing out the Amazfit GT 2 and the Garmin Venu SQ. Again, the weather needs to get warmer, so I can get out and test their GPS abilities.



Sometimes I think I really should live somewhere warmer.

I also plan to visit and share my experiences of several local bike paths and ebike friendly parks and places here in Illinois, and hopefully a few out of state as well. The plan is to put together a comprehensive list/guide for ebike friendly places to ride. I hope to enlist the help of you all too. I want the site to be much more interactive and useful for visitors.

Well, that’s what is going on for now. I’m kind of in a holding pattern until warm weather gets here, but it’s not far off. Thanks for your support!

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Last Update: February 15, 2021