Vvolt, known for producing nicely equipped ebikes for a decent price, has released details on their Utility Series. Unlike the clunky look electric cargo bikes are known for, the Utility Series is futuristic, clean, fun, and practical for replacing a lot of car trips. I received a few more details about the bikes from Vvolt’s program director. While details are still being working out for the PIE and Slice DLX, I learned that the Slice Lite is almost ready to begin shipping and is available for preorder.

Slice Lite

The Slice Lite is the most affordable model in the series. Unlike the other models in Vvolt’s utility lineup, which are equipped with a mid-drive motor, the Slice Lite has a rear hub motor and a single gear. The Slice Lite also has a 500wh battery for a range of up to 50 miles.

It’s nicely equipped with a torque, speed and cadence sensor, for what should be a smooth and responsive pedaling experience. The Slice Lite, like all of Vvolt’s models, is equipped with a Gates belt drive, which is more durable than a chain. Maintenance on the Slice Lite should be minimal thanks to its belt drive and single gear. Just hop on and go!

Other nice features are 180mm hydraulic brakes, 3″ tires, cool integrated lighting, a purpose-built frame, fenders, a twin-leg kickstand, throttle, and the ability to haul cargo in VVolt’s Cargo Module, which attaches to the front of the bike. If you preorder the Slice Lite, it will include the Cargo Module, a $200 value.

According to Nick Wood, Program Manager of Vvolt, the Cargo Module “is ready to take pretty much any sort of daily stuff from backpacks to takeout to yoga mats, skateboards and pizza boxes thanks to the ‘fun portal’ rail that adjusts to stabilize tall loads while helping to keep odd-shaped objects in check.” This isn’t just your usual bike basket for hauling stuff. It has been thoughtfully designed. It’s also easy to remove and attach.

As far as other accessories go, the Slice Lite will be compatible with regular bike accessories. Wood stated that Vvolt is “not building a closed ecosystem”.



As of today, you can preorder the Slice Lite for $2049, and it is expected to ship by August 2023.

The PIE model in the utility series is decked out with everything you could want from a cargo bike, including front and rear cargo carrying ability. This is a high-end bike with an elongated rear that can even a haul a passenger. It’s equipped with a mid-drive motor and is dual-battery capable. Range should not be an issue. More accessories will be available for the PIE model.

Slice DLX, Available for Preorder Soon

The Slice DLX, is very similar to the Slice Lite in looks, but is equipped with a mid-drive motor and Enviolo rear hub. It also has some sophisticated lighting features, including rear drop-out lights. The DLX is a slick looking bike. In fact, it won an award for its design.

All models in the Utility Series can accommodate a wide range of rider heights, from 4’9″ – 6’4″. They also come with a 3-year warranty, which surpasses most warranties in the ebike industry. Vvolt has also partnered with several service centers throughout the United States. Vvolt’s bikes can be purchased online directly from Vvolt.com or through MooseJaw.

As I learn more about the Utility Series, I will share the information with you.

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Last Update: June 14, 2023