Velowave is retiring three of its models to make way for some pretty cool new ones for 2023. The Prado is being discontinued but coming back as a cargo bike. The Rover Step-thru and Pony are also on closeout, and offered at a discounted price.

I’ve been keeping my eye on Velowave for about a year because they offer some nice looking bikes with good specs at good prices. Some of their models are a little more aggressive than other brands with powerful 750 watt motors, mag wheels, and overall sporty looks. The Pony is a unique design for a 20″ fat tire ebike. It has aggressive knobby tires for off-roading, mag wheels for low maintenance, front suspension, and a cool rear frame design. It’s sad to see in being discontinued, but Velowave has some cool new models that I think you’ll like, if the Pony is your style of ebike.

Velowave Pony

I caught a sneak peek of the new models thanks to Court from I have his channel to thank for introducing me to ebikes in the first place! You can check out his video of the new Velowave models on YouTube.

The new models are all intriguing, but I’m really digging the new Prado. The original Prado is a sporty, moped-style ebike with a nifty number plate. It’s always reminded me of a combination of the RadRunner and the Juiced HyperScrambler.

The new Prado is available as a dual battery short-tail cargo bike, similar to the KBO Ranger, the RadRunner, or the Specialized Haul ST. I have the KBO Ranger, and I’ve discovered that short-tail cargo bikes are super practical yet still plenty of fun for when you’re not carrying cargo or a passenger.

The bike also has BMX-style handlebars to adjust for reach, a large comfy seat, front suspension, hydraulic brakes, and a 750 watt rear hub Bafang motor. We’ll have to wait for the full specs and details, but it looks to be a well-thought-out design.



Velowave will also be releasing their first hunting bike, with a powerful 1000-watt mid-drive motor, SRAM drivetrain, and an air suspension fork. It looks to be a beast!

A new folding ebike is coming too, though we didn’t learn too many details, other than it also has a 750-watt Bafang motor.

We also got to see the brand-new model called the Tiger. It’s a true moped-style ebike, in the same spirit as the Juiced Scorpion, with dual suspension, 750 watt motor that is programmed to be fast, mag wheels, and maybe even offered in an orange and black tiger stripe paint scheme. That will be sure to raise the eyebrows of a few Karen’s on the ole bike path.

Of all the new models, I think the new Ranger will be the one that many will gravitate to. It’s a full-size fat-tire ebike with some nice lines and even offered in a color-change paint. The new step-thru version will have a BMX-style handlebar to adjust for reach. The Ranger comes with a rear rack and fenders, hydraulic brakes and a torque sensor. It will be priced very nicely at $1699.

Check back for more details as they become available.

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Last Update: July 14, 2023