Just a few weeks ago, I shared my wishlist for the next Velotric T1ST. I’ve been a happy T1ST rider for over a year, but had a few suggestions for this year’s model. It looks like Velotric is going to sell two different T1ST models, including the original, and now the Plus option.

What’s Different About the T1ST Plus?

The biggest difference between the standard T1ST and the T1ST Plus is increased range. The full specs of the new model hasn’t been released yet, but its listed range is 70 miles, compared to 55 for the original.

The top speed is also higher. With the original T1ST the top speed of 25 mph (40 kph) could be unlocked, but at the expense of decreased range. The Plus model has a true Class 3 top speed of 28 mph or (45 kph).

Another important difference is a display. The Plus model features a display that should offer more pedal assist levels or customization of assist levels. We’ll have to wait and see. Gone is the button and LED indicator light on the top tube.

The Plus model has a torque sensor, as does the original, but it’s not clear if it’s an improved sensor. I would imagine it would be. The torque sensor of the original T1ST doesn’t have the smoothest ramp up in power.

An adjustable stem is now included. It’s great to see this, because riders of different heights will be more able to get their desired handlebar height and reach. It’s also useful for changing handlebar height during a long ride to relieve pressure, or simply ride in a more upright or aggressive position.



Better quality tires look to be included on the Plus model. From the pictures, it looks like the Plus model gets a more aggressive tread pattern with Kwick Drumlin Tires. Looks like a nice upgrade.

One last notable change is weight. The Plus model weighs in at 39 lbs (17.69 kg), compared to 36 lbs (16.3 kg) for the original. I’m assuming the weight gain is due to the larger battery.

Did I Get What I Wished For?

Okay, so did Velotric read my mind and upgrade the T1ST to match my recommendations? Well, no but …

My wishlist included:

  • Make The Bike Lighter (Nope)
  • Add A Display (Yes)
  • Improved Torque Sensor (Not Sure Yet)
  • Longer Cables (Nope)
  • More Mounts (Nope)
  • Integrated Rear Light (Nope)
  • Badging (Yes)

So, it looks like I didn’t get much of what I asked for, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

The bike isn’t lighter, but the 3 lbs in added weight is offset by longer range. I can live with that, though I’d still like to see a lighter weight option in the future, since I often ride without the assistance of the motor.

The Plus does get a display, which is helpful for keeping track of miles for maintenance purposes. If it also means more pedal assist levels and customization, that’s a big plus, for the Plus!



I can’t speak about the torque sensor, yet. So you’ll have to come back when more details are available. I did notice that the standard T1ST has 45 Nm of torque, compared to 40 Nm of torque for the Plus model. That may be one reason why the range is better. I’m not sure, yet.

We didn’t get longer cables, but we got an adjustable stem, and I can live with that. It solves a lot of problems people were having, when trying to raise the handlebar height.

There aren’t any additional mounts, which bums me a little bit. Since the LED indicator light and buttons are gone from the top tube on the Plus model, this would have been a great time to add mounts there.

I’d also would have like to have seen 2-pack or 3-pack mounts on the front fork. It makes it easier to attach low rider racks or other accessories. With extended range, the T1ST Plus is even more ideal as a touring bike. I think this was a bit of a miss.

There’s no integrated rear light. Instead, a battery operated one mounts under the seat. Better than nothing, but I’d prefer a rear light that I didn’t have to remember to turn on or off, or charge separately.

I got my head tube badging! It was on my wishlist. It just makes the bike look classier, and the brand more grown-up.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, I like what Velotric did with the Plus model for the T1ST. While it doesn’t check off all of my wishlist items, it does for many others. Probably the most important upgrade is increased range. This makes the Plus ideal for bike touring, which is how I use my T1ST.

The other upgrades are welcome, too. When the full specs come out, I’ll be able to speak more about the performance of the two models.

I like what I see for the T1ST Plus, and I really like what I’m seeing from Velotric, as a company. Velotric has been continually upgrading their models. They also have several dealers across the country for sales and service. You can also order online.

Something I didn’t talk about was price. There’s not much difference in price between the standard T1ST and the T1ST Plus, which is fantastic. This is still a great value for an electric gravel/fitness bike.

There’s not much competition offering the same for the same price, and I especially appreciate that the T1ST models fit shorter riders. Find an affordable gravel bike for those under 5’4″ is challenging. This is a great electric gravel bike for women, especially.

Now, I have to resist buying another bike!

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Last Update: July 3, 2024