Today I was able to download the latest firmware update for the Fitbit Versa that includes quick replies for Android users.  Fitbit will be rolling the update out to Android users over the next few weeks and is working on making quick replies available to Apple and Windows users as well but we’ll see.  There’s no timeline on when or if that will happen.

The update went fairly smoothly and took about 15 minutes.  However, the Fitbit app was stuck on the installation screen after the update had successfully installed on the Versa.  To get out of this I put my phone on airplane mode and that stopped it.  Once I synced the app again, after taking the phone back out of airplane mode, the message disappeared.

As far as quick replies go on the Versa, we’re only given 5 options at the moment.  I’d like to see 10 different customizable replies and possibly some emojis but 5 is better than zero.

So far, it’s working well and apparently the option to reply back to other apps besides just your messaging app is possible, although I haven’t yet tested whether I can reply back to Facebook notifications.  I’ll update this article when I find out.  I’ll have to post something that will be sure to get a reply on FB first like I’m pregnant or I was just attacked by a pack of wolves.

UPDATE: You can create custom replies for the apps that are compatible.  It does work with Facebook Messenger but not with standards Facebook notifications from replies to your posts.

Anyway, it’s nice to have the option to reply back from the Versa, even if I don’t have many reply messages to choose from.  I hope we have more options in the future.  The full review of the Versa is here, if you would like to check it out.


Quick Replies to notifications on the Fitbit Versa

Quick Replies to notifications on the Fitbit Versa

Select from a list of up to 5 different canned responses

Select from a list of up to 5 different responses

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Last Update: May 19, 2018