There, I said it! Some cyclists are snooty. They’re the ones that one would call Karen on social media. No, I’m not talking about those who yell out “Cheater!” when you ride by them on your ebike, or more than likely, they blow past you on their 10 pound carbon frame acoustic bike. I’m talking about those who don’t know how to relax. They treat cycling as a competitive sport. The rest of us are just wanting to have a good time.

The only negative experience I’ve ever had on the local bike path was when a lady on a road bike told me that I need to get off the path in a very nasty tone. Okay, I was stopped to take pictures of a bird or something, but she was on the path to race against her friend. I was pulled over on the side with plenty of room remaining for both of them to go past, but that wasn’t good enough for her. Should I have pulled completely off the path? Maybe, but everyone else just smiled and said, “Hi!”.

So, yes, I like to take my time, smell the roses, and chill when I’m riding. I’ll stop for ducks, squirrels, and a wildflower that catches my eye. And yes, I ride ebikes most of the time.

Why do I ride ebikes? Mainly due to health issues, but also because they’re fun and practical. I don’t have to worry about getting out of breath, soaking in sweat, or worrying if I’ll have enough energy to make it back home. I still get a nice workout, get my heart rate up, and my stress levels down. On the path, I get passed by road cyclists constantly. I’m just chillin’ and minding my own business.

I also don’t dress like a serious cyclist. I love cargo shorts and I cannot lie!. Hoodies and dri-fit t-shirts are my uniform, on and off the trail. I wear hiking sandals most of the time when riding. One, they grip the pedals well, and two, they allow my feet to breathe. I also don’t have to wear socks. That’s always a plus.

I’ll deck my bike out with bags, baskets, cameras, heck, a fishing pole. I don’t care about added weight, like a competitive cyclist. I’m not going to stuff my keys in, well, wherever serious cyclists stick their keys. Yes, my bike weighs a lot. I weigh a lot. Who cares?

The point is, we can all share the path. We can all enjoy cycling in our own way. There isn’t one right way. I don’t remember Moses bringing down bicycle rules on tablets, though the Golden Rule is a great one to live by.

I am serious about cycling. It brings a lot of joy into my life. I’m just not competitive about it. And okay, next time I’ll move my bike off of the path. While I was calling her Karen, she was probably calling me the same. Let’s ride and let ride. There’s room enough for everyone.

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Last Update: March 5, 2023