I’m always so envious of Europe. Workers have three months of vacation a year, free health care, and can retire before age 85. They also got all the cool electric scooters, while here in the US, we’re still a bit behind the times. Yet, slowly electric scooters are entering the American market, and one company that is providing options to American buyers is CSC Motorcycles from Azusa, California.

The Journier featured their Monterey electric scooter back in 2021. It’s a vintage scooter, not unashamedly in the style of a Honda Cub. The 2023 version is now on preorder, and you can secure your ride with a $500 deposit. It retails for $2395, but with shipping, tax and documentation, the full cost will be closer to $3k. That’s still not bad for a cool electric scooter that cost pennies to charge and requires far less maintenance than your typical 50 cc.

Not long after the Monterey, the Wiz came along from CSC, and this electric scooter had a higher top speed and more range for more practical city commuting. At glance, most people would never know it was electric, but it was a good, solid utilitarian scooter. It has since been discontinued to make way for a new model.

Enter in the ES5 electric scooter from CSC Motorcycles. Like the other bikes CSC sells, CSC doesn’t manufacture the ES5. They simply put their branding on them, but they do provide sales and service in the United States. In fact, the ES5 is made by CINECO, which is part of a larger group of companies in China.

The ES5 has a top speed of 53 MPH and a range of 68 miles, assuming your average speed is 31 MPH. So, it’s strictly a city commuter. It’s not meant for the highway, but it is ideal for short, city commutes to work.

The ES5 is powered by three lithium-ion batteries that are removable. There is even plenty of space beneath the seat for a full-face helmet. The display is large and digital, and the scooter is offered in three color options.



The scooter is listed for $5295, which isn’t cheap, but lithium-ion batteries are pricey. If you preorder it with a $300 deposit, you’ll get it for $4995. The bike is expected to begin shipping in October or November 2023.

Of course, a downside to buying a scooter from several states away, and having it shipped to you, is finding someplace that can service it. Electric scooters are reliable and have fewer parts to break than standard scooters, but finding service might be tricky.

This fact leaves many Americans waiting for larger brands like Honda and Yamaha to bring their electric scooters to the US. Where’s the love for America, Honda and Yamaha?

A reliable brand that is selling their electric scooters in the United States is NIU. You may be able to find a local dealer near you. NIU has several models to choose from. For right now, NIU is probably your best bet if you’re in the market for an electric scooter, though I appreciate that CSC is bringing us more options. Their bikes are tempting. You can view their entire electric motorcycle and electric scooter lineup, here.

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Last Update: July 15, 2023