Living in Central Illinois, I can usually count on the 4th of July being as about as comfortable outside as a day stranded in an Amazon jungle.  It’s hot. It’s humid.  There’s too many mosquitoes. It’s gross.  It’s summer in Illinois!

But in just a few weeks more the weather will be different, fall will be knocking on the door, and I’ll be  busy reviewing some of the biggest names in wearable tech.

Expected late this summer or fall is the Ticwatch Pro, the Apple Watch 4, the Samsung Gear S4 (which might have a new name), and probably a new Fitbit Charge.

Ticwatch Pro

The one that I’m most interested in personally is the Ticwatch Pro.  This is a Wear OS watch (Wear OS was formerly called Android Wear) with two screens. And from a little promotional quiz that Mobvoi displayed on Facebook, it looks like it will have a better water resistance rating, so possibly it will support swimming.  That would be nice!  An LTE version looks to be on the table too.

I have the Ticwatch 2 and the Ticwatch E and while I like the Ticwatch E a lot since it is so budget friendly, I’m looking forward to a Ticwatch running Wear OS with better build quality and better battery life.



Samsung Gear S4

What will the Gear S4 have new? The rumor mill is busy and unlike the Samsung Galaxy S9, in which we pretty much knew every single feature from all the leaks before it was released, things have been much more tight-lipped about the S4.

Many of the rumors are rather futuristic but we just won’t know until probably August. Samsung typically doesn’t hold back as much as other companies do when it comes to new features.

I’m hoping for lighter weight version of the S4.  The Gear Sport has been one of my favorite watches but it’s a little hefty for smaller wrists and a bit masculine in appearance.

I would expect the S4 to come in different styles that will appeal to both men and women.

Of course, I’m always on board for better health and fitness tracking from any of these devices and it looks like Samsung is focusing on that with the S4 and possibly a Gear Sport 2.  I’d like to see more advanced health monitoring included for blood pressure and blood oxygen.



When companies start delving into features that have medical purposes, those features have to be as accurate as possible and that’s why were not seeing those features on the big brand names just yet.  I think the technology is there because I have already reviewed a watch that was able to measure my blood pressure well. I’m expecting to see this feature very soon on both Samsung and Apple watches.  I don’t know if it will be this year but maybe.

Oh, and speaking of blood pressure watches, no watch has generated as much interest on this site as Omron’s new blood pressure watch that is awaiting FDA approval. I’ve had several people contact me about it and I’m eager for its’ release too.

Apple Watch 4

And cue the sound of angels singing because the most anticipated watch of any year is always from Apple.  I’ve personally never reviewed an Apple Watch since I have an Android smartphone but I hope to review the Apple Watch 4.  I’ll just have to get me a used iPhone to test it with.

I know there’s a great deal of interest in the Apple Watch and I’m curious to see if it is worthy of all the hype it gets year after year.

As far as what features the Apple Watch 4 might have… it looks like it will have a new look, a larger screen, and possibly some advanced health monitoring features.

And just for the record, if Apple would like to send me an iPhone and the new Apple Watch 4, I will gladly review both. :)  Maybe I’ll like the iPhone.  I’ve never used one of them either.

The sound of gasps now filter through the air.

Fitbit Charge 3

Most in the wearable tech industry are also expecting a new version of Fitbit’s most popular fitness tracker this fall.  The last time I checked the Fitbit Charge is still the top selling fitness tracker in the U.S., although the Fitbit Versa might be giving it a run for its money.

I’m very interested to see what direction Fitbit will take the Charge, considering their last two products, the Ionic and Versa, are flashier smartwatches.  The look of the Charge is getting a bit dated so I’m expecting a fresh look, and like the other watches mentioned already, I’m also expecting improved health and fitness tracking.

So…I’m going to be very busy this fall trying out some great new products before the holiday season begins.


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Last Update: June 27, 2018