After a two-year halt to production, the Origami Paddler, a hardshell portable paddleboard/kayak, is back! The company is under new ownership, and what is being called the “Gen2 Click Hinge Retrofit Kit”, is available for previous customers to fix faulty hinges from the original version.

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Origami Paddler

A statement from the new ownership states, “After a nearly two-year shutdown, it will take time to get all the pieces moving again at full speed, especially large-scale production of new paddlers.  That being said, we are working very hard to rebuild operations in a sustainable and responsible manner. ”

I remember well when the paddler was first released. It was quite popular, and according to their website, 30,000 paddlers were sold back then. But, the company hand financial issues, production delays, and the original design of the paddler was plagued with faulty hinges. It looks like the newly designed hinge has addressed that, but the jury is still out.

Ken Whiting, of PaddleTV@YouTube, a respected expert in kayaking, reviewed the original paddler and didn’t recommend it, mainly because he didn’t enjoy the paddling experience, and the kayak was slow and uncomfortable to sit on.

Many owners of the paddler appreciated how easy it was to set up and get on the water. They enjoyed just being able to get on the water with a portable paddleboard, but most admitted how clunky, big and heavy it was to transport.

I’m happy to see the paddler back, because the concept in theory is good. It does get you out on the water for a fun afternoon or evening, without much fuss. However, it does need some tweaking to be more comfortable and practical.



You can purchase the new paddler, here. It’ll set you back $849, so it’s not the cheapest option out there.

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Last Update: June 25, 2024