I have been looking at Tern’s ebikes for quite some time. Their line of cargo e-bikes are known for being top-of-the-line, highly customizable, capable, and purpose built down to every detail. Many of their cargo ebikes can be car replacements in big cities. But what I love most about them is their choice in a mid-drive motor that makes so much sense on a cargo e-bike. It’s hard to go back to a hub-drive electric bike once you’ve experienced a mid-drive, especially one with a Bosch motor.

Of course, let’s just get down to the major con of buying a Tern…the price. Depending upon what model you choose, you could spend as much as $8k. That’s not within most people’s budget’s, but Tern realized this and came up with a more affordable option in the Quick Haul P9 Performance model. It’s priced closer to $3k. Check current price at REI.

Okay, I can hear it now. “But I can buy two RadRunners for that price.” Yes, you can, but you wouldn’t be getting a mid-drive motor from Bosch, hydraulic brakes, higher quality components and a truly custom frame. You also wouldn’t have access to the same customer support from local dealers. Don’t get me wrong, I love my RadExpand, and have put hundreds of miles on it without a single issue, but there are times I sure wish it had a mid-drive motor and a more dialed-in gear ratio.

So, what was sacrificed on the Quick Haul that you’ll find on many other Tern models? You won’t get the folding handlebar post, adjustable stem or telescoping seat post. There’s no cafe lock, or thru axles. Instead, you’ll get quick release. You’re going to get a lot more standard bike components, but the plus side to that is that you can easily swap out to a handlebar of your preference, and when it comes down to replacing parts, they’re going to be cheaper.

Even so, you’re still getting a Tern. That means the Quick Haul is compatible with almost all of Tern’s accessories. They even made some new accessories just for the Quick Haul, such as a nifty frame bag. You’re still going to get bright lights, quality tires, a custom frame, and the Performance Line motor from Bosch.

The Bosch Performance Line motor is where the “performance” comes from in the Quick Haul’s name. The Performance Line motor is an upgrade over the less powerful Active Line that is found on some of Tern’s other models. So, this is still a zippy and capable bike with plenty of torque for most hills and most riders.



The payload capacity on the Quick Haul is about 400 lbs, with 110 of that able to be carried on the rear rack. That’s impressive!

Some cons to the Quick Haul is that it doesn’t have front suspension, which is usual for most cargo bikes, but found on some of Tern’s other models. If you plan to haul the bike in the bike of a car, you’ll miss having a collapsing handlebar post. For $400 more you can buy the HSD P9 which does have those things, but has the weaker Active Line motor. That doesn’t matter so much if you’re a lighter rider or won’t be riding up a lot of hills, but the Performance Line found on the Quick Haul is definitely an upgrade for a cheaper price.

I hope to get a chance to ride the Quick Haul later this year. Until then, you can take a look at a thorough overview of the bike from Tern below. If you’re interested in purchasing the Quick Haul, or any of Tern’s other models, you can search for a local dealer or purchase online or in-person at REI. If you buy from REI, you’ll have to pick up the bike in person, since the bike will be assembled and fine-tuned before you can take it home.

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Last Update: August 13, 2023