Finding a street legal electric motorcycle/moped in the United States isn’t so easy to do. While many other countries have many options in street legal electric mopeds, the USA is far behind. In fact, I can probably count the street legal options I’m aware of on two hands, maybe one hand. We’ll take a look at one of those options today in the eAhora M2, which at this date is going for $2999.

The M2 is an electric chopper inspired moped/motorcycle/scooter with a long wheelbase, a comfortable seat, high handlebars, and a super relaxed ride. It features a 60 v 40 ah battery paired up with a 3000 watt rear hub motor with 186 N.m. of torque. This produces a top speed of 46 mph and a range of up to 50 miles. Of course, range is variable and more than likely is less than 50 miles, but even at 30 miles, it’s not too bad for the price.

Impressive are dual hydraulic brakes, 12″ tubeless tires, color display, leather seat, intelligent kickstand, and full suspension. With non-electric scooters and mopeds, you usually have to spend more than $3k to get dual hydraulic brakes. The bike can also support a passenger, though there isn’t any onboard storage to speak of. The battery is removable.

The M2 weighs just under 200 pounds and has a payload capacity of 440 pounds. The seat height is low at 29.13 inches, so short riders will be happy to hear that. The handlebars are adjustable for reach. The 61″ wheelbase won’t make it the most nimble bike in the world, but should provide good stability.

Yes, you will need a motorcycle license to legally ride this bike in most, if not all, states. It is a street legal motorcycle approved by the DOT, and comes with paperwork needed to register it. It will need to be insured and licensed.

Overall, the M2 is a super comfortable city cruiser with some good specs for the price. It is available for sale on Amazon and directly from eAhora. Financing is available on both sites.



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Last Update: August 13, 2023