It’s Sunday morning and I can hear thunder in the distance.  Looks like it’s going to be a rainy day which is fine to me since I didn’t really have anything planned outdoors anyway.  Plus, I love to watch it rain.  It’s free therapy!

After a long harsh winter I didn’t know what to expect of my plants this year but it looks like most of them are bouncing back healthfully.

This little area used to be just grass but it was always a pain to mow because the rest of the yard could be ridden but this area had to be push mowed.  Who wants to push mow? So, a few years ago I installed a brick sidewalk and a bunch of plants.  The weeds were an extra bonus I hadn’t figured into my design but life is always full of unplanned for weeds.

Growing like crazy!

Growing like crazy!

The area has become a wildlife magnet.  Rabbits love it because they can hide beneath the vegetation and also the nearby shed.  While coyotes have been killing most of this year’s bunny crop, I did see one that is still hopping.

I live near the woods so I get to experience the best (and sometimes worst) of city and country living.  If you’ve watched my videos, you’ve likely seen Garman Park where I often hike.


I never know what I’m going to come across in those woods.  Last year, I heard a Northern saw whet owl which is rare for this area but this one stopped by for about a week and what fascinating sounds they make. I’d sit on the front porch and just listen to it in the evening. I wish it had stayed longer.

Yesterday, I chopped out half a yard waste can’s worth of weeds from this flower bed and I’m still not done.  I figure it’s good exercise.

Knockout Rose

Knockout Rose

And the first rose bloomed yesterday!

And the sawfly larvae are back eating my rose bushes. Argh!  They look like little green worms.  They came late last year and ate nearly every leaf off.  Now they’re back much earlier in the season.  I’ve been reading up on how to get rid of them and it doesn’t sound like an easy task.

Well, there’s a snapshot of my daily battles, victories, and losses in the backyard on this soon-to-be rainy Sunday morning.

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Last Update: May 20, 2018