2020 is the year of the electric bike. They exploded in popularity due to Covid-19 but sales have been increasing rather rapidly for the past few years. There are many electric bike companies offering several styles of ebikes and I’ve tried quite a few but there’s one that I always go back to and that’s the 700 Series ST from Ride1Up. It has become my favorite.

For an electric bike with the components it offers, the 700 Series is priced very good. You can view its specs here. While Ride1Up had their hands full trying to get bikes delivered to their customers this summer due to long production delays caused by COVID-19 and extraordinarily high demand, many of their bikes can be ordered today and delivered within just a few days. You might just catch it on sale during the winter, too.

Ride1Up 700 Series Step-Thru

What makes the bike so appealing, besides price, is its versatility and practicality. While many ebike companies have gone for fat tire, moped style and/or folding ebikes, Ride1Up offers bikes that a more traditional bicyclist will enjoy.

You won’t feel silly or a spectacle when riding with non-ebikers on your local bike paths or trails. If you’re looking to go super stealthy, Ride1Up’s Roadster V2 electric bike looks just like a regular road bike. I’m tempted to try it myself once the small frame size is back in stock.

Their 500 Series is also extremely popular due to its even more affordable price tag and available in a step-thru frame but the 700 Series offers hydraulic brakes and a longer range battery. Both bikes have received high ratings from users.

While I also have a mid-drive electric bike that is admittedly more refined (and also more expensive) than the 700 Series it’s not the bike I gravitate to nearly as much. It’s kinda like a reliable sedan you take most places while many of my other bikes are like a sports car kept in the garage most of the time.



For me, the 700 Series ST is priced just right so that I feel okay to personalize it and make it my own. It’s kind of like a hippie van complete with the peace and love stickers, well, if you add them like I have. Yes, I’m different.

I think it’s all that blank canvas on the downtube that just begs for personalization. I really feel like a kid again on this bike. Just last night, I missed a turn off a paved bike trail and took the scenic route over grass and walnuts. My husband followed and we were laughing like kids.

It’s not so expensive that I feel like it should be handled with gloves in an archival museum but rather a bike that is good enough quality and versatile enough to do whatever I want with it. A little dirt on it just adds to the charm.

I regularly haul the 700 on a car carrier. It’s not exactly a featherweight at 62 pounds but I’m able to lift it by myself, all 5’1″ of me and 150-ish pounds. If you prefer something lighter, the 500 Series is about 53 pounds and the Roadster V2 a very manageable 32 pounds!

If you’re curious, I use the KAC Overdrive carrier I found on Amazon. It is rated for the weight of ebikes and has worked well for my needs.

Overall, from my experience the 700 Series is equipped right for what it is and does. The tire size is a big reason for that. The Schwalbe SUPER MOTO 27.5′ x 2.4″ size is wide enough for stability but not so wide to make pedaling in lower levels of pedal assist a chore. It’s even rideable without the motor on flatter terrain and I can’t say that about many other electric bikes I’ve ridden.



Couple the ideal tires and hydraulic brakes and you have a very safe and stable bike. I’m extremely impressed with the braking of the bike.

Believe it or not but I got this sticker before my near misses

Picture a darting squirrel, an asphalt trail, riding downhill at about 20 mph, a near collision of squirrel and rider, startled expressions on the faces of both squirrel and rider, a bike stopping within an inch of squirrel’s toes, broken bones avoided, road rash avoided, squirrel stew avoided. The brakes stopped me on a dime and without fishtailing or losing control.

And this has happened to me more than once!

So far, I haven’t felt the need to change the seat that comes equipped on the bike. Honestly, I haven’t felt the need to change anything and that’s definitely not always the case with electric bikes, even expensive ones. You might prefer a different seat or pedals to suit your own taste, but nothing feels cheap or poorly thought-out.

Ride1Up also has a user community that is a lot like me – a really cool 50-year-old. Yes, there are younger riders, but most of Ride1Up’s customers are middle-age and older.

Don’t be surprised if biking quickly becomes a weekend recreational activity that you look forward to. My husband has caught the ebike fever too, and we’re scouting out great vacation destinations to take our bikes.

The 700 Series is the bike I recommend to most people. It’s approachable and suitable for riders between 5′ – 6’2″. There’s also a standard frame available if you’re wanting something with a more stiff ride or if you’re a heavier rider, because there is some frame flex with the step-thru frame.

I don’t have any hesitation recommending this bike. While there are other ebikes that also impress me, the 700 Series is suitable for many because it is affordable, approachable, reliable, and a lot of fun.

You check out current pricing, availability, and feature upgrades at Ride1Up.

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Last Update: August 31, 2022