Ride1Up unveiled their latest model today, the Revv1, and boy, it’s not what I expected. From the teaser video, I expected something aggressive, and it is that, but the Revv1 seems a bit out of character for Ride1Up. It’s like when your favorite uncle shows up to a party with a new, younger wife and a convertible. It’s going to take some getting used to!

Ride1Up is best known for their more discrete ebikes that are truer in nature to a standard bicycle. You typically get decent gear ratios, a good pedaling experience, and components that are higher quality, compared to their competition. Well, the Revv1 is a different critter, except for one of those characteristics. The Revv1 has very good components for the price.

Ride1UP Revv1

On paper, the Revv1 blows away Super73 on price. You’re getting a 52 volt system, 28+ MPH speeds, a full suspension option, hydraulic disc brakes, a 100 mm air fork, moped tires, fenders, a large front light, and turn signals. Ride1Up is asking $2395 for the full suspension option, and only $1895 for the hardtail Revv1. In contrast, the Super 73 RX, a very similar ebike, goes for $3995 for just a 48 volt system.

If you’re new to moped-style ebikes, they come with some pros and cons. The pros being that they are a blast to ride, look cool, and are fun to customize and make your own. The cons are that they can fall into a legal gray area (if you unlock the higher speeds), they’re not practical to pedal, seats aren’t adjustable for height, and they may not be so welcome on bike paths.

I learned the limitations of moped-style ebikes the hard way with the Juiced HyperScorpion. It wasn’t welcome on the local bike path, and it wasn’t street legal to be ridden on the roads as a moped. It sure was fun to ride, but there were few places that I could ride it.

The Revv1 from Ride1UP might suffer the same fate in some cities. It may or may not be welcome in a bike lane, depending upon where you live. Even though it has turn signals, which I love, you’ll have to ride on the side of the road and only on slower speed, (30 MPH or less) city roads, at least where I live.



Having said all that, the full suspension Revv1 would be a blast off-road! It would be a lot of fun to ride, period. You just want to make sure that it’s going to work where you plan to ride it, and how you plan to use it.

I have to give credit to Ride1Up for surprising us all, and offering a fast, cool-looking bike for a great price. There’s definitely a market for such bikes.

The Revv1 is available in two colors, moss green and graphite gray, and is scheduled to ship in March 2023. You can view more details at Ride1Up by clicking here.

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Last Update: June 11, 2023