REI just listed their new gravel bike, the Co-Op ADV 2.2, 2024 model. This replaces last year’s model, which I reviewed. The ADV 2.2 features a lightweight aluminum frame, carbon fork, tubeless ready rims and tires, Shimano GRX drivetrain, and other features for under $2k.

I found the ADV 2.2 to be very capable on and off the road. It had very good hill-climbing ability, a comfortable ride thanks to a carbon fork, more relaxed frame geometry and 40 mm wide tires. The 2024 model at REI is very similar except for a few notable changes.

Co-Op ADV Gravel Bike Upgrades

The only gripe I had about the 2023 ADV 2.3 were the lack of mounting points. They were a bit sparse, but the 2024 model has corrected that. Now, mounts are included on the top tube and front fork. This greatly improves the utility of the bike, including the ability to easily attach low-rider racks, and a variety of bags on the top tube.

REI ADV 2.2 Gravel Bike
2023 REI ADV 2.2 Gravel Bike

The other item on my wishlist was hydraulic brakes. While the mechanical brakes on the 2023 model functioned well, hydraulic brakes are also a welcome upgrade for many riders.

The color of the bike has also changed from a chalky matte white to, what REI calls, golden vista. Hmm, I kinda liked the white, but orange-yellow is okay.

Other Changes

Other changes to the ADV 2.2 are an increase in tire width from 40 mm to 45 mm. In my tests, the 2023 ADV 2.2 was a very planted gravel bike. It held its line well on declines, rolled over tree roots without a stutter, and was a blast on mild to moderate single track trails. With an increase in tire width, it should be even more stable on dirt and gravel.



The ADV 2.2 really seemed most at home on gravel. The relaxed geometry, long chainstays, and knobby tires, didn’t exactly make it a speed demon on the road. The bike is lightweight and comfortable on pavement, but most dialed-in for off-roading.

The gear range is ample to climb most hills relatively easily, and the Shimano GRX drivetrain didn’t miss a beat on or off the road. Many gravel bikes have a 1x drivetrain, meaning that they have one chainring. This is often preferred on off-road bikes because there’s less to go wrong, and they require fewer adjustments. I still prefer a 2x system, especially when riding on pavement or flat stretches, where more gears means that you’re more likely to find that perfect cadence.

Another change is the price. It increased by $250. For that $250 hydraulic brakes are now included. It’s still a decent price for what you get, and compared to other bikes in the same class, it is still priced well. If you are an REI member, you may also get cash back on the purchase, so that might dull the sting a little bit.

Overall, I was very happy with the REI Co-Op ADV 2.2. I had the bike shipped to me, and after minimal assembly, had it up and going. The only issue I had with the bike was its size. Even the extra-small frame size was still too large for me. It was the right fit for pedaling and standing over, but the reach was just too long, even after I installed a shorter stem.

The measurements for the frame haven’t been listed yet, but you might want to keep that in mind. If you live near an REI, I’d recommend stopping by and getting fitted.

Anyway, it’s great to see the improvements in 2024. The included mounting points now make this an ideal bike for bikepacking and touring. The hydraulic brakes are also a welcome upgrade.



REI also has other gravel bikes in their Co-Op ADV lineup, and they should be released soon. I’m looking forward to seeing what changes have been made for them.

Check out the brand new 2024 Co-Op ADV 2.2 at REI.

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Last Update: June 28, 2024

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