A few months ago, I wrote about the compact electric cargo bike from REI, called the Generation e.1.1. Its compact size, compared to much larger electric cargo bikes, makes it ideal for everyday city commuting, yet, it still can haul plenty of groceries, or even a child seat. As much as I really liked what I saw from the e.1.1, it had one glaring flaw, and that was its gearing. That has now been fixed!

It originally came with a 14-32 tooth freewheel and a 42-tooth chain ring, which limited the top speed to just 15 mph. REI listened to the many complaints from customers who loved everything about the bike, but its gear ratio that not only lowered the top speed but also caused a lot of ghost pedaling or hamster wheeling.

The Generation e.1.1 now comes with an 11-42 tooth freewheel and a 48-tooth chain ring. That means the bike can reach higher speeds, be more capable on hills, and offer a much more comfortable pedaling cadence. Great news!

A big thumbs up to REI for making the needed changes. So, if you’re in the market for a peppy, fun, yet practical electric cargo bike with good customer support from REI after the sale, it’s worth taking another look at both the Generation e.1.1 and Generation e.1.2.

For much more information about both bikes and what they have to offer, read the original article that has now been updated.

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Last Update: April 27, 2023