Rad Power Bikes announced that they are ending their presence in the European market to focus on North American sales. Over the next several months, Rad will be pulling out of Europe, though will be able to seek service and repair services from Rad partners. This is another big change for Rad Power Bikes this year as they refocus their business.

While this announcement stinks for the EU, I think it’s a smart move to make. European bike standards and regulations are different from the United States. Electric bikes sold in the EU have to be programmed differently and use smaller motors than what is legal in the United States. It’s an added cost to manufacture and provide service and parts for both markets.

Velotric to Release New Utility and Cargo Bike

Velotric will be adding a couple new bikes to their already expanding lineup. Just recently the new Thunder series hit the market, and now Velotric will be offering a utility bike, called the Go1 built in the spirit of the RadRunner, and a full size cargo bike called the Packer. The Go1 will list for $1799 and the Packer will go for $1999.

I’ve seen photos, and the Go1 is a deep step-thru utility bike with the ability to carry a passenger in at least a couple different colors. A passenger package will be available. It looks to have 20″ wheels and a fairly large capacity battery. The Packer looks to have a 26″ front wheel and 20″ wheel in the rear. Some higher end electric cargo bikes have a similar setup to create a more stable bike for carrying cargo.

They are set to be released on July 15th.

Terrific Price for a Nice Bike from Vvolt

Vvolt Alpha S

I just wanted to share a great price for the Vvolt Alpha (high-step frame) and Alpha S (step-thru frame). They are both marked down to $849 from their original price of $1399. That’s a terrific price for a Gates belt-driven ebike. If you’re looking for a single-speed, lightweight, easy to maintain ebike, the Alpha is a good one to consider. It’s a nice looking commuter style ebike with a 350 watt rear hub motor, 6-levels of pedal assist, a 375 Wh battery, and a range of up to 40 miles.



Is an updated version coming soon?

I’m not sure, but $849 is a great price, if you’re looking for something affordable that isn’t junk! Vvolt also has a three-year warranty, which is well above the industry standard.

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Last Update: July 12, 2023