Rad Power Bikes unveiled their new trike today, and are taking preorders for a January deliver date. The RadTrike isn’t Rad’s first electric tricycle. They have been selling a commercial grade trike for a few years. The RadTrike is the first offered to consumers. The starting price is $2499 which isn’t bad for an electric tricycle. There are many accessories available which will increase the price, as most people will want some sort of basket to haul cargo. So, who is the RadTrike for?

I can see the RadTrike being great for those with mobility issues. The step-thru design and stability is ideal for those with balance issues or knee or hip sensitivity. It may be a great option for seniors who want to be able to enjoy riding on a more stable platform.

The RadTrike is also ideal for those wanting to replace a vehicle and use it as a daily hauler. You could easily haul groceries and other cargo on the trike. It has a 415 lbs payload capacity, so it can carry quite a bit.

I can also see the RadTrike being appealing for commercial usage. Resorts, tour groups, delivery services could easily utilize the trike.

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It does have some limitations though, like a 14 MPH top speed. So, you’re not going to be winning any races, but the whole concept is built with safety in mind. It does have five levels of pedal assist and a twist throttle. It even has a reverse function for backing up by using the throttle. That’s very handy.

The hub motor is located in the front wheel, as opposed to most ebikes that have their motors in the rear wheel. Pros of having the motor located in the front include better weight distribution and possibly fewer flat tires. Cons of a front hub motor are less traction, greater possibility of spinning out, and the weight on the front wheel can make turning more difficult. Handling may not be as good, which is probably one of the reasons why Rad limited the top speed.



The RadTrike is equipped with a redesigned 48 volt 10 Ah battery, which is less than the usual Rad battery size of 48 volt 14 Ah. It will still have good range, considering the bike’s top speed. Rad estimates the range at 55 miles. The 750 watt motor is the same used on the RadRover, so it should provide plenty of torque for hill climbing for most people.

I’m a little surprised at the wheel size. The 18″ diameter brings the height of the bike down, which is good. The 2.25″ is a little narrow for an electric trike, but helps reduce the overall weight. The trike weighs 82 pounds without the battery, which is actually pretty good.

Other features include 180 mm mechanical disc brakes, integrated lights, fenders, many mounting points for accessories, a single speed, collapsible handlebars, and a comfortable seat with a backrest.

Overall, I like what Rad has done with the RadTrike. I would prefer that a basket be included, and hydraulic brakes instead of mechanical were standard. Since this is a bike ideal for those with mobility issues and/or seniors, hydraulic brakes would be more ideal since they require less pressure to actuate. Still, there’s a lot to like.

You can check out the new RadTrike here at Rad Power Bikes.

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Last Update: December 6, 2022