One of the funnest things about owning a Rad Power Bike is adding accessories and upgrading it to suit your needs and personality. As a member of several Rad communities and just trial and error of my own, I’ve put together a list of some great accessories for your RadExpand 5. I’ll be adding more, as I discover them.

ENGWE Trunk Bag

The ENGWE trunk bag looks great on the RadExpand and offers several compartments to organize your things. It also has fold out pannier bags for when you need more carrying capacity. A waterproof bag is also included to cover the trunk for rainy days.

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Bags for RadExpand 5
The ENGWE Trunk Bag and Rhinowalk Handlebar Bag on the RadExpand 5

Rhinowalk Handlebar Bag

This is my FAVORITE bag. I use it on all my bikes because it’s so handy. It’s small, but it carries what I need and can be attached to the handlebars or rear rack. It can hold keys, a phone, a small tool set, and other small items for when you’re riding close to home and/or don’t need a large bag. I’ve taken it on and off many times and the Velcro straps have held up.

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MEACHOW Bar End Bike Mirror

MEACHOW Bike Mirror
Meachow Bar End Mirrors on the Aventon Aventure

These are my favorite bike mirrors. Bar end mirrors provide the best visibility and don’t take up any space on your handlebars. This is a good, stiff mirror that doesn’t constantly come loose or require frequent adjustments. It’s the best I’ve found.

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Folding Pedals

The RadExpand 5 doesn’t come with folding pedals, but they’re easy to change. This is a brand and style that others have recommended.



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Drift Maniac 7-Speed 11-34 Freewheel

If you would like your RadExpand 5 to have better hill climbing ability and eliminate ghost pedaling, upgrading to an 11-34 tooth freewheel will do the trick. It’s a relatively easy upgrade that will improve the performance of your bike. The Drift Maniac 11-34 tooth freewheel is the one that many choose when upgrading.

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Freewheel Removal Tool

If you change the freewheel, you will need a freewheel removal too. It’s inexpensive and does the trick.

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Suntour SR SP12 Suspension Seat Post

Suntour SR SP12 Suspension Seat Post

This is a must-have upgrade for most RadExpand riders! You’ll be able to ride much farther and much more comfortably with a suspension seat post. It made a huge difference for my RadExpand and I’m happy I made the change.

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Rad Trailer

New on 2023 is the Rad Power Bikes trailer that is compatible with most of their models. You can add a pet carrier to bring along your best friend or other accessories to haul more cargo.

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Hardshell Locking Box

Also, new in 2023 from Rad is a hardshell trunk. The best thing about this is that it is locking, so you don’t have to bring your bag inside when shopping.

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Plano 16 qt. Storage Crate

This is a nice and much cheaper alternative to the hardshell locking box from Rad. It’s not locking, but if you want a hardshell trunk with some nice storage compartments, this is a good alternative. You’ll just need to drill some holes in the bottom and attach with some bolts and washers. An easy DIY project.

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Craftsman 50 Gallon Rolling Tote

Many people use tote’s to store and transport their RadExand inside their vehicle. You’ll want to buy folding pedals too, so the bike will fit.

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Last Update: March 5, 2023