The biggest brand in the electric bike world is Rad Power Bikes, and for a limited time they have marked down some of their best-selling models. If you have been waiting for a better price, now is a good time to consider buying.

Rad is known for making affordable electric bikes and standing behind their products. Known for having good customer service and a very large user community, they have become the biggest ebike retailer in the United States. You’ll find a variety of accessories for many of the models, and can expect to find replacement parts well into the future. When buying an electric bike online, Rad Power Bikes is one of the safest bets.

Rad also has a handful of showrooms and service centers in larger markets, so you might be able to see and buy their bikes in person. Mobile service is also offered for select other parts of the United States and Canada, where your bike will be brought to you and assembled.

If those options don’t apply to you, as they didn’t for me here in Central Illinois, most of their bikes are shipped directly to the customer’s doorstep. Some assembly will be required, but it’s minimal for many of their bikes. I, a 50-something single woman, assembled the RadWagon 4 and RadRunner 1 by myself without any issues.

For a limited time, the popular RadRover, RadRunner, RadCity, and RadMission are marked down by as much as $400. The RadMission is down to $899.

Is now a good time to buy these particular models? The RadRover and RadCity just had a recent makeover, so I don’t think you’ll miss out on feature upgrades in the near future. The RadRunner 2 was recently upgraded as well. The RadMission might be due for some upgrades or changes next year, but at $899, it’s still worth a look.



Check out the current sale here. The sale goes through 8/29/22.



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Last Update: August 22, 2022