Rad Power Bikes, the most popular brand of ebikes in America, announced more layoffs. This is the fourth round of layoffs in the past year. The company hopes to create a more financially stable organization that can weather the future.

Like all ebike companies during the Covid-19 pandemic, Rad experienced high demand for their budget-friendly direct-to-consumer ebikes. With record sales came many issues, including backordered parts, and high demand for customer support.

Now that sales have come back down to earth, Rad and other ebike companies are having to adjust their business strategies to stay in business. Ebike prices have been cut by many companies, but Rad recently went the other direction and raised prices on many of their models. That probably wasn’t the wisest decision.

In order for Rad to get back on track, it needs to decide what it’s going to be known for. Is it going to be a budget-friendly brand or a mid-tier brand offering more than the competition? The problem right now is that some of their models are priced mid-tier, but their bikes aren’t mid-tier.

Things that I would hope Rad does in the future is upgrade their bikes. This means better overall components for their bikes. Hydraulic brakes, torque sensors, better displays, and other upgrades need to be offered. Aventon, one of their main competitors, has already upgraded many of their models with torque sensors, hydraulic brakes, and even turn signals for their new Sinch.2. Ride1Up is a direct-to-consumer ebike brand that has always offered ebikes with good quality components for affordable prices.

What is Rad Power Bikes known for? Being the biggest brand? It needs to be more than just that to stay afloat. There’s too much competition. Having said that, Rad has been innovative. The RadRunner is definitely one of the best ideas for an ebike I’ve seen. The amount of accessories that Rad offers is almost unparalleled.



Unlike other brands that questionably follow legal ebike classifications, Rad has continued to produce ebikes that can be legally ridden in most places. Generally, their bikes have proven to be very safe and approachable for nearly any rider.

 RadExpand 5

One of my favorite bikes is the RadExpand 5. (Shown above) I love that little bike, and I ride it more often than any of my others. Rad also has a large user community that can be found online. It’s fun sharing your experiences and thoughts with other riders, and most people are very happy with their bikes. It’s also great to be able to ask others questions about quick repairs or upgrades. Rad, is kind of like the Harley-Davidson of ebikes with their user community, complete with the pricey accessories and orange logo.

Rad has learned some tough lessons over the past couple of years, though. One, was the wheel size for the RadWagon 4, which requires proprietary parts. Its tires were ultimately recalled for safety issues, and replacement tires still aren’t available to purchase online, though are beginning to be delivered to RadWagon owners.

Their newer designed battery packs also have a flaw in that the fuse can’t be easily replaced. I’ve heard complaints from others about the hassle this has caused. That’s not an issue for the RadExpand, since it uses the older style battery, but may be an issue on their newer models.

So, yeah, there are some major issues beyond declining demand, but these can be addressed now and in the future. I absolutely want to see the company succeed. Rad led the way for many ebike companies, and I definitely want to be able to buy replacement batteries and parts for my RadExpand well into the future. I admit that I’m a fan, despite some of their mistakes. I’m rooting for them, but they have to make some changes beyond just laying off workers.

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Last Update: April 27, 2023