I’m always hesitant to recommend products being crowdfunded, but the pXCycle E-XC is looking pretty good.  We’re talking a torque sensing mid-drive motor, up to 850 watts with 140Nm of torque for $1795.  That kind of price for that kind of ebike doesn’t exist in the wild.  Once the bike is out of the crowdfunding stage it will retail for $3590.

So, it has my attention, and I’ve backed Indiegogo campaigns in the past.  The last bike I backed was the Juiced HyperScorpion, and it wound up being considered by many as the best electric bike released in 2020.  I did okay backing the HyperScorpion.  The crowdfunding gods were shining on me.

I think the pXCycle E-XC+ (which reminds me of a chemistry equation) looks to be another good choice for someone looking for a mid-drive electric bike.  There are two frame sizes and four versions of the bike to choose from:

  • 36 V 10 Ah Battery, 250 Watt Mid-Drive Motor, 70Nm
  • 36 V 13 Ah Battery, 250 Watt Mid-Drive Motor, 70 Nm (includes front and rear racks)
  • 48 V 10 Ah Battery, 600 Watt Mid-Drive Motor, 90 Nm (includes front and rear racks)
  • 48 V 14 Ah Battery, 850 Watt Mid-Drive Motor, 140 Nm (includes front and rear racks)

Delivery of the bikes are estimated to be September of this year.  The company is also promising delivery or your money back.  This is usually NOT the case with crowdfunding campaigns.

This is the third version of the E-XC, from an established company based out of Portland, Oregon, so there’s good reason to believe that they will be able to deliver on this project as well.

Here’s a video from Electrek with even more details.



I’m tempted to back this bike, but this summer I’m going to be spending my time and money building my own ebike from a Schwinn frame.  Yes, a Schwinn frame, and you’ll be along for the ride!

Learn more about the pXCycle E-XC on Indiegogo.


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Last Update: March 14, 2021