I received the Nokia Steel HR today, a hybrid smartwatch/fitness tracker, and thought I’d share my first photos of it as I unboxed the watch.  This is the 36mm version.  There is also a 40mm version but the watchfaces for both sizes are the same.  The bezel is just wider on the 40mm so if you want a watch with a more hefty look to it, you might want to go for the 40mm.

Nokia Steel HR Unboxing

Nokia Steel HR Unboxing

For me, I’m very happy with the size and look of the 36mm Nokia Steel HR.  It’s been a long time since I’ve worn a watch of this size since most smartwatches are in the 43-44mm diameter range.  The strap on the 36mm is also 18mm wide which is smaller than the straps of all my other fitness trackers and smartwatches.  The 40mm comes with a 20mm wide strap.  The straps are quick release for easy changing.

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I chose the stainless steel version with a white face and black silicone strap.  As you can imagine this is a very comfortable watch to wear and classy enough in appearance to wear to the office or really any occasion.  I really like the looks of it!

The full review of the Nokia Steel HR is now available.

Nokia Health App

Nokia Health App

Setting up the watch was a breeze.  The Nokia Health app made connecting the watch to my phone very easy.  There was an update that took a few minutes to download.



It was also neat to see the mechanical hands move when I aligned the hour, minute, and percentage hands.

Adjusting the mechanical hands through the app

Adjusting the mechanical hands through the app

Over the next few days I’ll be testing out the heart rate sensor, step counting, sleep tracking, auto workout detection, and more.  Look for the full review by the end of the week.  I’ll update this post with the link to the review when it’s published.

Well, enjoy the photos and I will be back soon to let you know what I think of the Nokia Steel HR.  So far, I’m enjoying it.

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Last Update: April 7, 2018