Today I worked on a video for the Matrix Powerwatch. Parts went well and others a bit frustrating due to software glitches. iMovie just isnt cutting it anymore. I’m going to have to upgrade to something a little more robust. Ever since I read a couple books on the subject of making videos that don’t suck, which was actually the title to one of the books I read, I’ve been much more attentive to every detail, and trying to incorporate some great tips I read about but maybe too much. I think I do better doing things in a way that’s more natural to me, or at least I feel better about it.

It is kind of funny that I’m creating videos about watches of all things. I honestly don’t know how all this came about. It wasn’t like I thought, “I will be devoting my time to reviewing fitness trackers after I graduate college.” It kinda just happened. I’m hoping to expand into other subjects as the weather warms. Now I get why the movie industry relocated to California from Chicago. Nobody wants to make a movie in Illinois in January!

Other than that, things have been quiet. I remember my mom and dad’s wise realization that one should appreciate the boring times in life. This was after they both had dealt with the deaths of family members. Boring is good. Boring means you’re probably more blessed than you know.

Well, tomorrow I’ll be working on another video and I sure hope it goes more smoothly. I’ll improve eventually.

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Last Update: May 24, 2018