This week, I’ll be finishing my review of the Matrix Powerwatch.

After the Matrix Powerwatch, my next major review will either be the Suunto 3 Fitness or the Garmin Vivoactive 3.  The Suunto 3 Fitness is new to the market and a fitness watch that takes a different approach in that it is also a trainer.  It coaches users on what type of training they should do based upon their current fitness level.  I’m intrigued by how that works.

But then there’s a lot of interest in the Vivoactive 3. It’s been out now since the fall of 2017 but I see a lot of Fitbit users, especially those interested in the Versa, also looking at the Vivoactive 3 and I don’t think there’s going to be a Vivoactive 4 coming in 2018.  I could be wrong but I haven’t heard any buzz on a new version in the works just yet, so the Vivoactive 3 is still very much relevant.

While I already have the Garmin Fenix 5s which is a lot like the Vivoactive 3 but with added functionality, I’d love to compare the Vivoactive 3 and the Fitbit Versa head-on since they are similarly priced and appealing to the same customer base.

Then again, I also have to save up for the Ticwatch Pro coming this summer.  It’s supposed to priced below $300 but that might mean $299. Still a lot of money.

And then there’s Omron’s new blood pressure watch that is awaiting FDA approval and should be out this year.  That’s one that I really want to test out because I see a lot of interest in it on this site.  Blood pressure watches currently on the market aren’t FDA approved, so I’m hoping to recommend a blood pressure watch that people can truly count on for accuracy.  It’s also supposed to retail for the less than $300.

Of course, in the fall there’s always new products released, including the possibility of a  Samsung Gear S4 and a new Apple Watch.  Since I’m an Android user, I’d have to also buy a used iPhone to test out the Apple Watch, unless by some miracle Apple decides to make their watch compatible with Android.  Yeah right! Like that’s going to happen.

Maybe I’ll just toss a coin for the Vivoactive 3 and Suunto Fitness 3…

…and the Vivoactive won, so I guess that’s what the next review will be!


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Last Update: May 30, 2018

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