Folding electric bikes are extremely popular because of their size. Many have smaller wheels, which gives them a mechanical advantage and makes them more approachable for more riders. However, many folding ebikes are quite heavy, often near or over 60 lbs, making them difficult to lift or transport. Here is a list of some not-so-heavy folding electric bikes that are worth a look.

Having tried many folding electric bikes, and trying to lift them into the back of my Subaru Forester, I’ve learned what weight is practical to lift, especially for a single woman. I’ve also learned that it’s also not so much the weight, but just the size and shape of a folding bike that makes them difficult to lift. Ones that fold more compactly are easier to get a good grip on.

Jupiter Bike Discovery X5
Jupiter Bike Discovery X5 Electric Folding Bike

Jupiter Bike Discovery X5

Price:  $895

My personal favorite folding electric bike is from Jupiter Bike, called the Discovery X5. Weighing in at 40 lbs, it’s practical to lift into the back of my car. It has a sleek, futuristic look with good build quality. I especially like the rear suspension, which makes it comfortable to ride, even with smaller wheels.

It also has a comfortable cadence for riding on flat roads. I compared at against the Swagtron EB7, and preferred the X5 for its power delivery, which I found to be more smooth and practical for pedaling. It’s ideal for the city and paved roads or trails. On hills, you’ll have to pedal along, but the motor helps. It also has a throttle.

It’s a comfortable little bike to ride, with a front integrated light, three pedal assist levels, an electronic horn, 16″ wheels, and mechanical disc brakes. I found the seat to be very comfortable too. I like that it’s single-speed, so I don’t have to worry about bumping a derailleur when lifting it into my car. Also, with mag wheels, you won’t have to worry about loose spokes. It’s a low maintenance bike. The top speed is about 16 MPH, so it’s most ideal for leisurely rides at a comfortable pace.

If you would like the same style bike, but with 20″ wheels, take a look at the Discovery X7. I plan to review the X7 in the future, but I suspect it rides and performs a lot like the X5. It weighs 48 lbs, which is still quite good for a folding electric bike.

Discovery X5 Pros:

  • 40 LBS Weight Is Reasonable to Lift for Most People
  • Rear Suspension Makes the Ride Comfortable
  • Folds Fairly Compactly
  • Comfortable Cadence, Good to Pedal
  • Smooth Uptake for Safer Takeoffs
  • Integrated Front Light and Horn
  • Spare Batteries are Affordably Priced
  • Strong Mag Wheels

Discovery X5 Cons:

  • Range is Less Than 20 Miles for the Average Rider
  • Top Speed of 16 MPH Might Not Be For Everyone
  • No Rear Light

Buzz Charter-F Electric Folding Bike

Price: $999

Buzz Bicycles F-Charter
Buzz Bicycles F-Charter Folding Ebike

The Charter-F weighs just 35 lbs, making it one of the lightest 20-inch wheel size folding ebikes on the market. The bike features a seat post that is actually the bike’s battery. Having ridden such bikes before, I was surprised to discover that they’re actually comfortable. You won’t be able to use a suspension seat post, but a lightweight bike isn’t going to fall so hard into the potholes.

An advantage to having the battery as a seat post is that it’s a nice theft deterrence. Not only would removing the seat post remove the battery, but it also removes the seat. That makes it a lot more difficult for someone to ride off on.



The Charter-F is a 7-speed with three levels of pedal assist, and is a Class 1 ebike with a top speed of 20 mph. It doesn’t have a throttle, which makes it legal to ride almost anywhere a regular bike can go. If you’re looking for an electric folding bike that’s practical to carry and lift, this is a good one to consider. It also comes with a two-year warranty, which is double the industry standard.

Buzz Bicycles is owned by the same company as Huffy, so it’s from a company that’s been around a long time, and they continue to add new models. I own their Centris, a folding fat-tire ebike that I really like for its comfortable ride and safe power delivery.

Charter-F Pros:

  • Good Size with Standard Wheelbase
  • Very Lightweight for An Ebike
  • Folds Compactly
  • Easily Removable Battery
  • 7-Speed
  • Decent Range of Up to 40 Miles (25-30 for Most People)
  • Two-Year Warranty on Battery & Electronics; 10-Year Warranty on Frame
  • Did I Mention It’s Lightweight at 35 Pounds? This is its Biggest Selling Point!

Charter-F Cons:

  • No Lights
  • Simple Display (No speedometer or odometer)
  • Rims Brakes Instead of Disc (But this helps the bike be lighter.)
  • No Fenders or Rear Rack

Lectric XP Lite

Price: $899

Lectric XP Lite
Lectric XP Lite

As its name suggests, the Lectric XP Lite is a lighter version of their extremely popular Lectric XP 2.0. The XP Lite weighs just 48 lbs, compared to 64 lbs for its bigger brother. This makes it much more practical to lift and carry, but also easier to handle when riding.

With 20 x 2.4″ tires, the XP Lite is more nimble and efficient, but still will dampen a lot of the bumps in the road. It has a 720 watt peak rear hub motor, which is quite a lot for a small folding ebike! It has a top speed of 20 MPH, and a throttle, making it a Class 2 ebike.

There are many accessories available for the XP Lite, including a rear rack, fenders, front rack, baskets, bags, and even a Lectric-branded pet wagon. That wagon makes me want to get a dog that will fit inside it!  Mine are too big.  

Lectric has a large user community and is very popular amongst RVers. You can find tons of reviews on the Lectric XP and XP Lite, or join the Lectric user group on Facebook to find out even more from owners.

Lectric XP Lite Pros:

  • 48 Volt System, Whereas the Others Mentioned Are 36 Volt
  • 20+ MPH Top Speed
  • Has a Throttle, Class 2 Ebike
  • Lots of Available Accessories
  • Front and Rear Integrated Lights
  • Popular and Reputable Company Supported by Thousands of Happy Riders

Lectric XP Lite Cons

  • Rear Rack and Fenders are Extra
  • Single Speed (But this keeps the price and weight down.)

I hope this list is helpful. I only included bikes and/or companies that I have experience with myself and feel comfortable recommending. There are many folding electric bikes out there, but these are good ones to consider for both their price and performance. I will be adding more bikes as I find good ones to add.


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Last Update: September 16, 2022