I remember 2020 well, like most people, but some of my most vivid memories were watching and following the development of the Juiced HyperScorpion. I had ordered one when it was being crowdfunded on Indiegogo. Little did I know when I ordered it that a world-wide pandemic would soon ensue, manufacturing would be halted in China and elsewhere, and supply-chain issues would continue to haunt the ebike world for another two+ years.

I watched Juiced CEO Tora Harris give updates of the development and manufacturing of the HyperScorpion through YouTube. His travels to the Juiced manufacturing plant in China were a bit harrowing, with long quarantines and strict enforcement of rules by Chinese authorities trying to prevent the spread of Covid-19. You can watch part of the journey below.

Electric bike companies had to increase their prices, not only due to supply chain issues, but also a 25% tariff on ebikes being imported to the United States from China.

Today, the tariff is still in place, but supply chain issues have eased. While things aren’t back to exactly what they were before Covid-19, manufacturing is humming along much more smoothly. Of course, now we have to deal with inflation, and a possible recession.

Now that supply chain issues have eased, Juiced is announcing that they are cutting prices on all their models. Some models have dropped by as much as $400. The HyperScorpion is now priced at $2499, down from $2699. I’m loving the price of their newest bike, the RipRacer, now starting at $1299, down from $1499.

Let’s hope that prices come down across the industry. I sure hope grocery prices come back down to earth one of these days, too!



Here is the letter from Juiced CEO and Founder, Tora Harris.


To Our Current & Future Juiced Bikes Riders,
Nearly 18 months ago, I wrote a letter to our customers alerting them of impending price increases. This was an extremely difficult decision because Juiced Bikes was built on the promise of delivering the highest performing, highest quality e-bikes at the most affordable prices. But, the impact of a 25% tariff on e-bike imports and the rising costs of materials, exchange rate fluctuations, transportation costs, etc. made a price increase unavoidable. We were not alone in raising prices; and consumers have had to bear the greatest burden of rising costs and painful inflation rates. 

As disappointed as I was last March when we announced these price increases, I am now equally excited (probably more so) to announce that Juiced Bikes, effective immediately, is LOWERING the price on ALL of its e-bikes, from $100 up to $400 per model. Some of the challenges impacting our pricing for most of the last 18 months, like the e-bike tariffs, have been lifted (at least temporarily) and we believe it’s our responsibility to pass those savings on to customers.

Examples of companies continuing to raise prices, during very difficult times,  are not hard to find. This includes many e-bike brands raising prices multiple times over the last year. We believe, however, that our greatest responsibility is to our customers. If we have the opportunity to provide you with additional value, we will absolutely do so!

We believe in making high-performance, high-quality and reliable e-bikes as affordable as possible. While we continue to actively support state and federal legislation efforts to provide more e-bike rebates and purchase incentives, those initiatives are largely out of our control. We can, however, ensure that our prices always deliver unmatched value and wow-worthy performance! 



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Last Update: September 13, 2022