After an exhaustive search for an electric bicycle that would fit my needs and budget I finally found the Ness Icon.  Of course, I’ll be doing a full review of it once it arrives and I can’t wait to get it.

Now I know how many of you feel when you’re reading through reviews trying to find the best product for your needs, especially if you’re totally new to the technology.  I’ve never ridden an electric bicycle or even seen one in person that I know of.  So this will be a totally new experience for me!

The Ness Icon is a smaller foldable electric bicycle but with good quality components and features that I was looking for.  The company is based out of Miami, Florida and sells directly from their website and through several other online retailers.

It has five levels of pedal assist and a full throttle.  I also like that it has a motor inhibitor when the brakes are applied.  This cuts off the motor when the brakes are used.  That’s an important safety feature I was looking for.  Other features include mag wheels, LCD controller, bell, removable battery, tip up seat, foldable pedals, derailleur guard, integrated front light, battery powered back light, rear carrying rack, and a low step frame.

The frame on the Ness Icon is its’ most distinctive feature that isn’t available on too many other foldable electric bikes.  The frame also houses much of the wiring so unlike many electric bikes I was looking at that had unwieldy wires sticking out all over the place, this one is much more streamlined in appearance.  The front cables are also held together with what looks like a velcro nicely branded cover.

Many of the bikes that I considered had the batteries inside the frame which has its advantages. The battery on the Icon isn’t inside the frame and not hidden but that makes it much more easily accessible to remove which I’ll need to do in the winter when I bring the battery inside from my cold garage.



The batteries need to be charged at least once a month, even when you’re not using the bike and stored in an area that isn’t either too hot or too cold. I’m not sure what the recommended temperature is but I know my at or occasionally below freezing garage in the winter wouldn’t be the ideal spot to store it.

The Icon accommodates riders up to 250 lbs and up to 6’2″ tall.  I’m hoping it’s going to be good for my 5’1″ height and it should be.  There were several electric bikes that I looked at that just wouldn’t work for short people like me but I think this one should be fine.

Here’s a good review of the specs and a test drive of the Ness Icon thanks to the excellent reviews by  In my review, I’ll be spending much more time with the bike as a bike owner and taking it on same long rides, seeing how easy it is to get in the back of my RAV4 on my own, and testing out how far that battery can take me.  It should give you a good idea of how practical it is in real everyday use.

I’ll update this article with a link to the review when it’s ready.

Learn more about the Ness Icon here.

Full Specs:



36V 13 Ah Samsung Cell Lithium Battery
350W Motor
Front and Rear Hydraulic/Disc Brakes
Distance Range 30 Miles w/pedal assist
AC100V – 230 V 2amps Charger
Charging Time 4-6 Hours
Removable and Lockable Battery
Zoom Brand Front Suspension Fork
Aluminum Alloy Handle Bars
Magnesium Cast Wheels
KMC Stainless Chain with Chain Guide
Aluminum Alloy Fenders
Aluminum Alloy Rear Rack
Velo Brand Gel Saddle (Tips up for easy battery removal)
Derailleur Guard
Front Integrated Light (runs off bike battery)
Rear Light (runs off AA batteries)
5-Level Peddle Assist
Twist Throttle
LCD Bike Computer/Controller
Foldable Pedals
Foldable Frame
Weight 51.5 lbs
User Weight Max Capacity 250 lbs
Max User Height 6’2″

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Last Update: June 5, 2018