For many DSLR camera owners, figuring out the perfect settings for the conditions can be tricky and though one can certainly learn how to play around with the right settings, many camera owners are casual users.  We love taking great photos and want to take great photos but we’re not especially interested in learning every setting on every menu on our camera.

Even if you have taken the time to learn all that geeky photography jargon, it can still be a bit hit or miss.  I’m never quite sure how my a photo is going to turn out until I take it and even if I think it looks great on the preview screen that isn’t always the case when I see the photo in higher resolution on my computer.

I came across a promising new gadget called Arsenal which may take a lot of the guesswork out.  It markets itself as a camera assistant.  It’s still under development and in the prototype stage on Indiegogo but if it comes to production and does what it promises, I could find a lot of uses for it.

It works through an app on your smartphone where users will be able to select the desired effect by adjusting shutter speed, ISO, and aperture settings while seeing a preview on your phone.  It can also use artificial intelligence to select the best settings for you.

Another feature that I think many would appreciate is having the ability to share photos taken on their DSLR camera right after taking them.  Arsenal makes that possible, even for my entry-level DSLR Nikon D5100.  I find myself taking most of my photos for this blog on my Galaxy S7 (it probably shows) because it’s more convenient than downloading photos to my computer and then editing them.  I know I can be kinda lazy.

Arsenal works with a large number of camera brands and models.  It is Bluetooth 4.0 and wireless capable.  The project has already raised over $3 million dollars and if you’re willing to take the risk, you can back the project for $175.  It is projected to retail for $250 once in production.  It’s estimated to begin shipping in February of 2018.



Like any product at the prototype stage, always do your homework before backing with your hard-earned money but this one looks promising.

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Last Update: October 4, 2017