I don’t normally write reviews for smartphones or cellphone carriers, but I have to give a shout-out to Google Fi and the Pixel 3a. For less than $30/month, I have a very good smartphone and great cellphone service in my area. Why pay twice or three times that with AT&T or Verizon?

When I regularly reviewed smartwatches, I needed an Android smartphone to test them with, so I purchased a used Google Pixel 3a, and found the cheapest cellphone plan for it. I’ve always been impressed with the Pixel 3a, but now that I had to rely on Google Fi to get me out of a pickle, I’m also impressed with it.

I recently switched from Verizon to AT&T on a brand new iPhone 12 Mini. The phone is awesome, but AT&T’s coverage in my area is very spotty. In fact, I can’t even send a text or make a phone call when I’m at work with AT&T. Until I can get out of my AT&T plan, I’m using Google Fi’s service at work on my Pixel 3a.

Great for Those Who Don’t Use A Lot of Data

Since I’m almost always connected to a Wifi network at home and work, I don’t need an unlimited data plan. I rarely go over 1GB/month of data. If you’re in the same boat, you can save a lot of money using Google Fi. My average monthly bill is about $28. That includes monthly taxes and fees. For that price, you can use 4 GB’s of data monthly and still have unlimited calls and text.

A 4GB Plan For Less Than $30/Month



If you go over 4 GB’s of data, you’ll pay $10 per gigabyte up to 6GB. If you go over 6GB of data per month, there’s no extra charge, but data will be slowed if you go over 15 GB. So, the most you’ll pay monthly for a single user plan with Google Fi is about $50/month. For $60/month, you can have an unlimited data plan.

The Google Fi app allows you to have control over your Google Fi account without any hassle. You can change plans, pause your service, set up payments, or purchase a new phone if you like. You can also add Google Fi widgets to your phone’s home screen to monitor data usage.

I was an Android smartphone user for years until I switched to an iPhone about three years ago. So, I’m not new to Android, and I’ve always been a fan. What I love about the Pixel 3a is that there’s no bloatware, like you find on many other Android smartphones. It fires up fast, and it always has the latest and greatest Android updates from Google, since the phone is made by Google.

Google Fi Has Gotten Better, A lot Better

The iPhone is a great smartphone, no doubt, but I’m really digging the Pixel 3a and Google Fi. I’ve noticed over the past year that Google Fi’s data coverage and speed has improved, as has their spam filtering for text messages. One thing that eally annoyed me before about Google Fi was that the phone number I was assigned was apparently used by someone who must have been on the boob list for spammers.

Out of every 10 messages, 9.9 were spam. That isn’t the case anymore. Almost no spam message gets through now.



Luckily, I had my Pixel 3a and Google Fi service to fall back on when I recently lost my home internet service for a week. I had to rely on Google Fi to keep me connected at home since the data on my new iPhone with AT&T was so bad.

I also discovered that I have 5G service in my area with Google Fi. Neither AT&T nor Verizon offer it yet in my area. The Pixel 3a isn’t a 5G phone, but it’s nice to know that when I upgrade to a 5G Pixel, or want to keep my iPhone 12 Mini and switch to Google Fi, I’ll have 5G service, even here in the sticks of Central Illinois.

Anyway, I just wanted to share what I’ve discovered about Google Fi. It’s affordable and reliable, and I think I’m going to keep it. Why pay more? You can learn more about Google Fi here. You and I will get a $20 credit if you sign up. If you’d rather not use the referral link, click here.

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Last Update: July 11, 2021