I’m back after enduring a lengthy illness and I’m hoping to get on the trails today before thunderstorms roll in.  April was pretty much a bust for me.  I developed a nasty infection that lead to other infections.  

I couldn’t breathe well, lost the hearing in one ear for a few weeks, couldn’t talk well for several more and I still haven’t regained my sense of smell.  What a strange thing to lose!  I don’t know if I’ll ever get it back.

But here I am and I’m hoping to get back in shape.  Not being able to workout for several weeks and not having full lung capacity just yet, I’ll just begin with walking and that’s a good place to start.

Yesterday someone who is overweight and hasn’t worked out for years asked what they can do to begin and I always say, “Walk!”  Of course, you should check with your doctor but when I was obese myself that’s where I began and surprisingly my body responded quickly.  It doesn’t take long to build up endurance, even if you’ve been physically inactive for a number of years.

Of course, during all this I’ve still been working.  Yes, I do have a day job, err well night job, even though right now I’m working days.  Yeah, it’s confusing and shift changes aren’t easy to deal with mentally or physically.  I’ll be going back to second shift in a few weeks.  

Anyway, I say all this because I know what I’ve gone through is what many others go through.  Life just isn’t without its bumps in the road and for those trying to stay fit it can be very frustrating to face an unexpected illness or other disruptions.

Yes, you can take some time off from your routine to adjust.  I know people who really kick themselves when they can’t make it to the gym but the human body is pretty darn resilient.  It bounces back in most cases but then maybe not to the same exact form.  Maybe you’ll have to change your fitness routines.

Knee injuries certainly come to mind.  A few years ago I had knee surgery and there are certain workouts that I can no longer due without risking the need for a total knee replacement (I don’t want that!) but luckily there’s so many other options to remain physically active besides running and lunges.  

As far as reviews go, I have a few in the works.  Actually, there’s four different fitness trackers/smartwatches that I’m reviewing right now and I’ll be taking two of them of the trail here in a bit.  

I’ve written about the Garmin Instinct but I haven’t reviewed it fully yet so that’s one of them.  The other is the Ticwatch S2 which I’ve had for a few months but haven’t had the time to test thoroughly. 

I’ve also been testing out a budget friendly tracker that tests for sleep apnea and the results have been very interesting.  Much more to come in it.

Well, I better get out before the storms arrive.  They’re not far off.  It’s been a crazy, stormy, wet spring in Central Illinois.   



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Last Update: May 18, 2019