Yesterday I received the new Samsung Gear Sport and since then I have been getting acquainted with it.  This is my first hands-on experience of a Gear S watch but having come from the Gear Fit 2, much of the functionality is familiar.  I chose the blue option even though I didn’t know for sure how the color would look in person but I’m happy to report that it looks mostly black with just a hint of blue in some lighting conditions.  I was hoping this would be the case since about any color band will look good with it.

My first impression of the watch is that it feels like a $300 watch and that is a good thing.  It has a good weight to it but it’s still very comfortable on my wrist. I was able to wear it while sleeping and it didn’t bother me and I’m a middle-aged woman with occasional hot flashes.  If it’s comfortable to me at night, it’ll probably be comfortable to just about everyone on the planet!

While it is smaller than the Gear S3 which was really just too big for many wrists, the Gear Sport isn’t dainty.  However, it’s much more gender neutral and practical in size than the Gear S3, meaning it should appeal to a much wider customer base.

Right now I’m putting it through its paces and testing out as many features as I can, especially the fitness activities, battery life, and the built-in GPS.  Fitness is the main reason why I purchased the watch since my Gear Fit 2 has been giving me fits (pun intended) lately.

So far things I’ve noticed about the Gear Sport is that the heart monitor is very good, the pedometer is stingy like the Gear Fit 2 on steps, and so far it’s been missing about half the floors I’ve walked up.  At least that’s better than the Gear Fit 2 which always showed that I walked about 70 flights of stairs a day when it was more like 1 or 2.  I’m also missing a speaker on the watch.  My Ticwatch 2 has one and they are so handy for answering phone calls when I’m not by my phone. I’ll be comparing the Gear Sport against the Ticwatch 2 in an upcoming review.

After highlighting some negatives, I do want to stress that I am very happy with the watch so far.  It has tons of features and is very well made. Look for a thorough review in the next few weeks.



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Last Update: November 30, 2017