It wasn’t my intention to review the Discovery X5 mini-folding bike from Jupiter Bike since I purchased the Discovery X7. I was sent the X5 by mistake, but that does give me the opportunity to directly compare it against the Swagtron EB7 Plus. Both bikes are very similar in appearance, specs, and price, so it’ll be fun to compare them. Right off the bat, I noticed some differences.

Right out of the box the Discovery X5 was pretty much ready to go. Everything was already assembled. I just needed to unfold the frame and make some adjustments to the handlebar grips. After that I inserted the seat post, and unfolded the pedals.

The X5 came mostly charged, but I plugged it in using its included charger and within an hour it was fully charged.

It didn’t come with the rear rack shown in some of these photos. I had ordered it for the X7 earlier. Luckily, it fits the X5 too.

Jupiter Bike Discovery X5
swagtron EB7 Plus Elite
Swagtron EB7 Plus

The X5 is a few pounds lighter at 40 pounds compared to the 42.3 pounds of the EB7 Plus. Believe it or not, I could tell the difference before checking the specs. Every pound counts for a folding bike you plan on lifting or carrying.

Both have removable batteries which is a big plus, and a feature I’d recommend looking for in any ebike. The X5 has a 36 v 5.2 Ah lithium-ion battery while the EB7 Plus has a 36 V 6.4 Ah lithium-ion battery. We’ll see how the slight difference between the two affects range.



Both bikes are peppy with their 350 watt motors. These are both small bikes that really don’t need huge motors. Both are able to pull me up a hill without much trouble. I might have to pedal to help on big hills, but that’s no big deal. Btw, I weigh about 158 lbs.

With the rear rack I added.

My first little ride of the X5 on a snowy, cold day left a good impression. It did better than the EB7 Plus in top speed when pedaling. The EB7 Plus topped out at about 12-13 mph when pedaling, but I was able to go 15 mph while pedaling on the X5.

I can say, even after a short ride, that the gear ratio on the X5 is better for pedaling than the EB7, even though the X5 only has a single gear. The EB7 Plus has 7 as its name suggests. The cadence on the Discovery X5 seems more natural and comfortable. I like it. I was pedaling along at about 14 mph – my usual cruising speed.

The motor seems smooth and better controlled on the X5 too. The EB7 Plus tends to surge until it hits the top speed of whatever level of pedal assist its in, and then turns off. I didn’t notice that being so much the case on the X5.

The X5 did come with some cosmetic blemishes in the paint here and there. A sticker on the handlebar stem was put on somewhat sloppily. A little better quality control would be appreciated. I’m picky.

I also missed the built-in handle of the Swagtron. It makes it easier to carry up and down stairs, but I didn’t have an especially difficult time with the X5. One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m accidentally turning on the rear seat lights repeatedly. The on/off button for the light is beneath the seat, right where you’d naturally grab it to lift or move the bike.



But it is nice that it comes with a rear light. Both bikes come with integrated front LED headlights. Neither has integrated rear lighting.

But before I get ahead of myself here with the comparisons, I just wanted to share some photos of the Discovery X5, and some initial thoughts.

It’s a bit disappointing to have received the wrong bike, but I like having the opportunity to compare two very similar mini folding ebikes for my readers.

Come back for the full review of both bikes and comparisons. Once it gets warm enough I’ll be taking them out, and doing some serious range tests. I’ll have a much better idea of which one I would most recommend. Stay tuned.

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Last Update: January 31, 2021