The weather hasn’t been too cooperative lately, but I did get a chance to take the Buzz Centris out for a little ride. I received the bike two weeks ago, but haven’t had a chance to put it through its paces. But, I wanted to at least get some information about it out there for those considering it.

The Centris is a folding electric bike with a 500 watt geared rear hub motor, a 48 volt 10.4 amp hours, with 50 Nm of torque. It is currently priced at $1199.

There were a couple of things that caught my eye with the Buzz Centris and made me want to review it. One reason is that it uses a very popular frame style, but is priced lower than other similar bikes by several hundred dollars. The other thing is that Buzz is obviously trying to appeal to would-be Lectric XP buyers. The Lectric XP is one of the most popular ebikes in the United States. Both bikes are priced similarly, and Buzz even puts the comparison on their website.

So, I also ordered the Lectric XP to test both bikes side-by-side. Which one is better? That determination is coming.

I can’t go into too much detail, just yet, but these are the things that I most noticed about the Buzz Centris.

  1. Shipping was fast! Actually, I didn’t even know it had been shipped yet, until I discovered it in my driveway.
  2. Folding the bike and clamping the frame together was the most difficult part of the assembly. Hopefully, it won’t always be so stiff.
  3. It looks great! I love the style of the bike, and who could resist those little honeybees painted on the frame?
  4. The reach is perfect for my height. The handlebar height is adjustable, which is great.
  5. In order to have proper leg extension when pedaling, the seat has to be set higher than I like. I can only reach the ground with the tips of my toes. I’m 5’1″.
  6. The motor is louder than I like, but not overly obnoxious.
  7. The tires hum on pavement, but offer good traction.
  8. It corners well, despite having 4″ wide tires and short handlebar length.
  9. The suspension and tires provide for a very comfortable ride, better than the Lectric XP, at least with my short time with both.
  10. The throttle only works, after you begin pedaling. It’s a safety feature, but might turn some people off.
  11. Both the brakes and the derailleur haven’t required adjusting. Working great out of the box.
  12. The battery is very easy to remove and place back into the frame.
  13. Grips are comfortable and ergonomic.
  14. Wish it had more gears for faster speeds.
  15. Fenders provide good coverage.
  16. Front/rear lights provide good visibility.
  17. Display is basic, but readable in bright light.
  18. Bell is conveniently located and has a nice tone to it
  19. The thumb throttle is placed away from the right grip, requiring me to take me hand off the grip.
  20. The twist shifter functions well, but requires the throttle to be farther away.
  21. Haven’t noticed any frame flex, but I need to ride it more.

Okay, that was more detail than I thought I could provide, but that’s what I have noticed thus far. There is a lot to like about the bike, and considering its price, it’s a good value. Once more hospitable weather returns, I’ll be taking it out on lengthy rides to test battery range, how it performs on hills, top speed, etc.



I haven’t had much of a chance to ride the Lectric XP just yet. It’s trapped in my shed, surrounded by a lake of thawing tundra. Of the little time I have spent with the Lectrix XP, I can confidently say it’s faster, but both bikes are zippy. Much more detail on that to come.

Until the full review is available, here are some pics of the Centris. It is also available in black.

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Last Update: February 20, 2022