There are many different styles of electric bikes including those that don’t look much different from an acoustic bike to those that don’t pretend to be anything else but fast and powerful.  These are some of the e-bikes available today that will give the rider the feel of a motorcycle but without the noise, pollution, or expense of a traditional motorbike.




  • High-end components
  • Unique innovative design
  • Capable on and off road
  • List price has decreased
  • Removable display
  • Available in 2 frame sizes, 3 colors


  • There are newer Brose motors out there
  • The wide downtube might cause some rubbing when pedaling

The TRB1 AM has sleek lines and innovative design to conceal the battery in the frame.  There’s even a lift up hood of sorts to remove the battery.  It’s marketed as a mountain bike which it can certainly live up to with knobby tires and the suspension you need for the trails.  It also has a top speed of 28 mph with pedal assist.

This is a bike that was originally listed in 2017 at close to $5000 but has come down considerably to around $3300-3500 which is a good deal considering the higher end components the bike comes equipped with including a Shimano Deore derailleur, a Brose TF mid-drive motor that is quiet but powerful, a 36v 21ah battery, RockShox Yari Air Suspension, an 11-46 tooth Shimano cassette with clutch, large 230mm brake rotors for the hydraulic brakes, and a faster 4 amp charger.

There are newer Brose motors today but it’s still equipped with a very capable model and many of the components on the bike were a bit ahead of their time compared to the competition.  The bike is still relevant, in production with available parts and support for the customer.  The best part is that you can save a lot of money and still walk away with a higher end bike that isn’t outdated or behind the times in nearly all aspects.

It is a heavy bike at around 60 lbs but considering the full suspension and large battery that’s a respectable weight and in line with many e-bikes on the market today.

It comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame and 2-year warranty on the motor.

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Civi Bikes Cheetah

While other electric bikes work hard at concealing their motorized power, the Cheetah from Civi Bikes is a whole different critter!  This bike is greatly inspired by that classic motorcycle design with a gas tank looking compartment for the battery and lines that are traditional to a motorcycle.  It even has a motorcycle style headlight.

The specs aren’t what you’d find on a Harley but their great if you’re looking for a faster ride from an e-bike.

This might be the perfect bike if you’ve always wanted a motorcycle but it didn’t fit your lifestyle or loved riding one in the past but maybe aren’t as physically able to control one as you used to be.




  • 28 mph throttle speed
  • Classic motorcycle design
  • Comfortable seat
  • Accommodates bigger and taller riders


  • Big and heavy
  • Limited to paved roads and trails

Equipped with a 750 watt Bafang motor capable of 1000 watt peak output the Cheetah can get up to 28 mph using just the throttle.  Many e-bikes that can reach 28 mph can only do so with pedal assist.  Most e-bikes will cap the throttle only speed at 20 mph so it’s nice to be able to reach 28 mph without having to pedal like crazy.

The higher speeds are welcome when in traffic.  You can be a little more of a defensive driver if you can get away faster.  I’ve learned this over the years.

There are two options for battery size, 48v 13 ah or 48v 17.5 ah.  The range is 35 miles with 13 ah and 45 miles for 17.5 ah.  Range is always dependent upon terrain, rider weight and other factors but the battery is very capable.

Minimum seat height is 32″ while maximum is 38″.  Standover height is 26.5″.  It comes with a big comfy seat.  Accessories are also available.

The Cheetah is around 70 lbs so it’s not a featherweight by any stretch.  This is a big beefy bike that can accommodate heavier and/or taller riders.  You can certainly pedal the bike but you’ll probably want to use the throttle quite a bit because it’s so nice just to sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds around you.

That’s one of the big advantages of electric bikes.  They’re much quieter than motorized ones.

Since this is a class 3 bike (and it looks like a motorcycle) it probably won’t be welcome on many bike trails or bike paths but the speed and capability make it great for rural roads and quieter city streets.  It that’s where you plan to ride than it’ll do the job.

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Juiced HyperScorpion

Due to begin shipping in June of 2020 is the Juiced HyperScorpion, a moped inspired e-bike with speeds of up to 30 MPH, maybe more.  It’s DNA is more moped than motorcycle but it might be what you’re looking for if you want a comfortable electric bike that can get up and go with the added safety of integrated turns signals, mirrors, and horn for a road ready ride.  This is the bike that I chose and I’m hoping to receive in June.  I can’t wait!


  • Front and rear suspension
  • Included turn signals, mirrors, horn
  • Up to 30 MPH throttle only or with pedal assist
  • Cadence and torque sensing
  • Passenger options
  • Approachable step-thru design


  • Pretty much a pavement only bike but with knobby tires it could probably do off-roading well
  • Heavy at near 100 lbs
  • May require registration/licensing/insurance in some states*

The HyperScorpion features a 1000 watt hub motor with a very powerful 52 volt 19.2 amp hour battery.  The expected range between charging is 75 miles which means the bike can be a true commuter without the need for daily charging.

Another impressive feature is the 2,000 lumen headlamp that isn’t meant for just being seen but also so the rider can see in dark conditions.  Most headlamps on ebikes are only really meant for being seen.

For comfort there is front and rear suspension, a moped style seat, and puncture resistant fat tires to absorb a lot of bumps in the road.

Accessories include a rear rack and Juiced will also be offering other accessories including a passenger seat, a tall seat option, food delivery bags, and more.

This is the bike that I’ll be reviewing, not as an ebike review, but as an owner.  Check back for much info on the HyperScorpion.

*There’s also the standard Scorpion with a 750 watt motor and capped 20 mph throttle/28 mph pedal assist speeds that will likely classify the bike as Class 3 in most states.  No need for registration, licensing and all that jazz.  You won’t get the same speed capabilities or turn signals, mirrors, etc., but you’ll still get the same look, great suspension and fun factor.  

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Huck Cycles 

If you’re looking for an American made electric motorbike than Huck Cycles has several models to choose from, all the way from 750 watt to 3000 watt!  All bikes ship capped at 1 horsepower to stay within state regulations but the owner can change this setting to unleash the full power and speed.  Of course, the owner will also need to register the bike as a moped, if not a motorcycle in most places, to legally ride it.


  • American built
  • Custom options available
  • Wide range of speed/power options
  • Turn signals, horn, other street legal components
  • Different price ranges to choose from


  • Several week wait for production
  • Much more of a motorcycle experience than an ebike pedalling experience but if that’s what you’re looking for this isn’t a con
  • Higher speed options will require license, registration, insurance and motorcycle license

The bikes come with turn signals, a horn, and other features necessary for a street legal ride.  If you don’t want the expense or hassle of registration you can choose the 750 watt or 1000 watt depending upon your local laws and ride the bike as a Class 2 or Class 3 ebike.

With all of that said, Huck Cycles are custom built from mostly American components in the USA.  The frame, battery, leather seat and as many other components as possible are manufactured in the United States.  The motor is Asian but motors coming from China and other Asian markets are tried and true.  Bikes are the main form of transportation in many Asian and even European markets so they know how to build bikes well but not with good old fashion American ingenuity that you might be looking for.

You’ll have to wait a couple months or longer for your bike to be built but it will be custom.  You can choose available paint colors or for an addition fee request a custom color. Seats are genuine stitched leather also available in different colors.

You can also choose a bike with a battery of up to 72 volts which is powerful!  Speeds of up to 55 mph are possible with a 3000 watt motor paired with a 72 volt battery.  That’s powerful!

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