Looking for an electric bike that doesn’t look like an electric bike? Well, here are three that you might want to take a look at: the RadMission from Rad Power Bikes, the Roadster V2 from Ride1Up, and the Hurricane from KBO bikes. These are all road bike inspired electric bikes. We’ll be discussing the pros and cons of each, so you pick the right one for you.

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Rad Power Bikes RadMission

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The RadMission was new to the market in 2020 from the very popular Rad Power Bikes. Of the three we’ll be discussing, this one offers the most options.

There are two frame style, a high step and a mid-step, and several color choices depending upon what frame style you choose. Because you can get the RadMission in a mid-step frame shorter riders from 5’2″+ we’ll also be able to enjoy the bike.

It also offers the largest battery since it is attached to the frame instead of hidden inside like the Roadster V2 and Hurricane. Of course, this gives the bike away that it is electric, but it has the convenience of an easily removable battery.

It’s also equipped with both front and rear integrated lights, something the other two don’t offer. The Hurricane has an integrated front light but not rear. The Roadster V2 doesn’t have any lights.



The RadMission also has the largest motor as it is equipped with a 500-watt geared hub motor.

All of these bikes are single gear and belt-driven, so they are super low maintenance. The single gear shouldn’t scare you too much since you do have the electric motor to help climb hills.

Pros of the RadMission

  • 500-Watt Motor
  • 48 V 10.5Ah Battery
  • Easy to remove or replace battery
  • Two frame styles
  • More accommodating to a wider range of rider heights
  • Compatible with several of Rad’s accessories including front and rear racks

Cons of the RadMission

  • At just under 50 lbs it is quite a bit heavier than the Roadster V2 and Hurricane
  • Not as stealthy as the Roadster V2 or Hurricane

Check out the RadMission

KBO Hurricane

KBO Hurricane
KBO Hurricane

The KBO Hurricane really looks like a road bike, and I think has the most attractive frame style. Few would notice that it was electric, which is great when you’re not trying to draw attention to yourself. It’ll also blend in better at a bike rack, and hopefully be less of a target to thieves because of this.



At only 36 lbs, it’s lightweight and practical to lift. It also has traditional 700 x 32 C road tires. If you’re used to riding a road bike this bike we’ll provide much of the same ride and performance.

Its 250-watt rear hub motor (350 watt peak) will probably surprise you at how capable it is. Since the frame is light and the tires are quite efficient, the bike simply doesn’t need as much power from the motor and battery to provide ample assistance.

I’ve ridden quite a few peppy 250-350-watt bikes. You may have to pedal along some when going up hills, but if a road bike style ebike is your interest you’re probably the type who wants to pedal for exercise.

The Hurricane does have an integrated front LED headlight which is very handy to have. You can always get a rechargeable LED clip on light for the rear. They’re very good these days. Even with bikes that have a rear light, I usually add a couple extra clip-on LED lights for safety.

The in-tube 36 V 9.6 Ah battery is removable as is the case with all the bikes with in-tube batteries discussed in this article. The RadMission has the most accessible battery.

Overall, this is a bike that’s going to ride like a road bike. You’ll still get great exercise, but have assistance for those killer hills or when you just want a break.

Pros of the KBO Hurricane

  • Lightweight at 36 lbs
  • Very stealthy and attractive frame
  • Roadbike size tires
  • Roadbike ride
  • 2-year warranty

Cons of the KBO Hurricane

  • Only one frame size and one color option
  • Only accommodates riders 5’6″-6’6″

Check out the KBO Hurricane

Ride1Up Roadster V2

Ride1Up Roadster V2

The Roadster V2 from Ride1Up is the least expensive of these three bikes at $995. It’s available in two frame sizes and multiple colors. It’s also the lightest bike of the three at only 32 lbs.

Like the Hurricane the Roadster V2 has 700 C tires for that traditional road bike ride. It has an enormous 64-tooth chain ring to get the most of its single gear. Like the other three bikes it is belt-driven.

While the RadMission and Hurricane have mechanical disc brakes the Roadster V2 is equipped with caliper brakes. On a lightweight bike they should be sufficient, but disc brakes have the advantages of having better stopping power, especially during wet weather. They also don’t wear the rims like rim brakes do. However, the caliper brakes do help reduce the overall weight of the bike, and they’re easy to adjust.

The two frame sizes allow for a wider range of rider heights though it’s not for petite riders. The 58cm frame has a stand over height of 33″ and a minimum seat height of 36″. The 52cm frame has a stand over height of 30″ and a minimum seat height of 33″.

Unlike the RadMission and Hurricane the Roadster V2 doesn’t have a throttle, but it is capable of speeds up to 24 MPH using pedal assist, making it a Class 3 ebike.

Pros of the Roadster V2

  • Very lightweight at 32 lbs
  • Two frame sizes, 3 different colors
  • Most affordable
  • 350-watt (500-watt peak) motor
  • Up to 24 MPH

Cons of the Roadster V2

  • The least range of the three at up to 35 miles (but that’s still pretty good)
  • No lights
  • Caliper style brakes instead of disc brakes (but that reduces weight)
  • No throttle

Check out the Roadster V2

E-Joe Sunday City

E-Joe City with flat handlebars

The Sunday City from E-Joe offers two handlebar styles. You can choose between a flat handlebar with a throttle or a bullhorn handlebar for multiple hand positions but without a throttle.

For $1,199 you’ll get a 36V 8Ah battery, a 250 watt (400 watt peak) hub motor, mechanical disc brakes, 5-levels of pedal assist, and an integrated front light.

It has 700 x 28C Innova tires, a max speed of 25 MPH and a range of up to 20 miles.

The Sunday City is new to the market in 2021 and not all the specs are listed yet, in terms of sizing, but it is another bike to take a look at when choosing an electric road bike. Once we have all the specs we’ll consider the pros and cons.

Check out the E-Joe Sunday City

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