If you’re looking for an upgraded display for your KBO or Himiway electric bike, then the plug-and-play display from Robinson Cycle is one to consider. The display enables you to improve the performance of your ebike, such as increasing the top speed to specifying how much power you want from each pedal assist level.

One of the things that I love about Ride1Up’s 500 Series and 700 Series ebikes is having the ability to customize the pedal assist levels more to my liking. Not only can I customize how many levels of pedal assist I want, but also specify how much assistance I want at each level.

Color Display for KBO and Himiway Ebikes

The display that comes with KBO’s bikes doesn’t allow customization like this, so if you don’t like the speed the bike goes at any particular pedal assist level, you’re out of luck. You also can’t increase the top speed through KBO’s display.

I ordered the upgraded display for my KBO Breeze Step-Thru, which I thought delivered power fairly well as is. I could pedal along at a comfortable cadence at the various pedal assist levels, but I knew I could set it up exactly how I like it using the upgraded display.

I’m happy with the 20-22 mph top speed of the Breeze, but if you would like the ability to go even faster, you can with this display.

Something else that’s nice is that you can customize how sensitive you want the bike to be on take-offs. If it’s too punchy for your liking, you can tone it down some.

Controls for Display

The display is very easy to install. It’s truly plug and play. The button on top of the display turns the bike on or off. Holding down the plus button will turn on and off the lights. The “i” button cycles through various information on the screen. Holding down the plus and minus buttons at the same time allows you to customize the bike’s performance, change screen brightness, max speed, etc. You can use the advanced settings to change pedal assist levels and more.

I love the large display at the center of the handlebars and the control buttons near the left grip. Not having the display at the grip leaves more room for accessories, such as a mirror.

If you want to learn more about the display, click here. It’s not cheap at $125, but it can be a worthwhile upgrade for your bike.

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Last Update: January 24, 2022