Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Ride1Up Prodigy ST

Ride1Up Prodigy ST First Impressions

Less than two weeks ago, I received the Prodigy ST electric bike from Ride1Up. This is the company's first mid-drive ebike,...
Zoom Electric Scooter

Beware of Zoom Scooters [UPDATED]

Oh boy, where do I start? Way back in January 2022, I decided to buy an electric moped from Zoom Scooters,...
Buzz Centris

Buzz Centris Folding E-Bike Review

So, if you're not into reading long reviews, let me just say that I really like the Buzz Centris! It's a...
KBO Ranger

First Look at the KBO Ranger!

Today, I took my first spin on the KBO Ranger, a compact electric cargo bike. Well, it's compact in comparison to...
Buzz Centris

First Impressions of the Buzz Centris Folding Ebike

The weather hasn't been too cooperative lately, but I did get a chance to take the Buzz Centris out for a little...
Prodigy XC

A Look at Ride1Up’s Prodigy and Cafe Cruiser

Ride1Up, known for their quality yet affordable pricing, has two new models to begin shipping in late winter and early spring 2022....

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