Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Aventon Aventure

How to Stay Safe When Biking

Getting out and enjoying the scenery, or just commuting to work or school on a bike has many benefits, but staying safe...

Syncing the Gear Sport to MyFitnessPal Tips & More

By far the most important tool I have used to help me lose weight or maintain my weight is MyFitnessPal.  This is the most...
Gear Sport GPS Problems

Samsung Gear Sport GPS Fix, Kinda [Updated!]

This is only my third day with the new Samsung Gear Sport and my first tests with the GPS have been extremely disappointing.  If...
Sangamon River

Staying Safe on the Trail: Safety Gear and Tips for Hiking, Biking, and Running

I love to hike or walk along my city's bike path and other hiking trails and I'm usually alone so self-defense is something that...

What is The Best Electric Bike to Buy?

Choosing the best electric bike for takes some research. There are several features that need to be considered before you spend your...
Mid-drive motor

Mid-Drive vs Hub-Drive Ebike Riding Experience

Most electric bikes are powered by hub-drive motors but as e-bikes evolve mid-drive motors are becoming more common and more affordable.  Is a mid-drive...