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Come Along for the Ride: A First Time Investor

At the beginning of June, I bought my first stocks. Since then, I've been learning as much as I can about investing...
Super73 Z1 Dual Batteries

How To Add a Second Battery to the Super73 Z1

The Super73 Z1 is a fun little electric motorbike, but the range from its 36 V 11.6 Ah battery does leave something...
Jupiter Bike Discovery X5

Is 350 Watts Enough for an Electric Bike Motor?

Since, I've been reviewing mini electric folding bikes lately, I've been experiencing 350 watt motors. Actually, my first ebike had a...
Liv Amiti E+4

Do You Need Insurance for an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes are more popular than ever in the United States, making them a target of thieves and a topic of lawmakers....
Swagtron EB7 Plus

E-biking in the Winter

If you live in the Midwest or other regions that experience long, cold winters you may be wondering how to store your...
Mid-drive motor

Mid-Drive vs Hub-Drive Ebike Riding Experience

Most electric bikes are powered by hub-drive motors but as e-bikes evolve mid-drive motors are becoming more common and more affordable.  Is a mid-drive...

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