Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Priority Brilliant L-Train

The Priority Brilliant L-Train, A Surprisingly Good Gravel Bike, With Some Changes

I just recently got into gravel bikes and off-road riding. In fact, I had such a blast on the Co-op ADV...
Velotric T1 ST

Turning My Velotric T1 ST Into a Touring Bike

The more I ride my Velotric T1 ST, the more I appreciate what the bike brings to someone like me, and who...
Buzz Centris

List of UL Certified Ebikes and What Certification Means

As the electric bicycle industry matures, new laws and regulations will naturally follow. Probably the most important of those are in...
RadWagon Battery

Should You Buy from Rad Power Bikes in 2023?

Should you buy from Rad Power Bikes in 2023? Boy, this is a tough question because my favorite bike is from...
RadExpand Freewheel

How to Change a Freewheel on the RadExpand 5 With Pictures

In this how-to, we'll be changing the stock freewheel of the RadExpand 5 with an upgraded freewheel. The RadExpand comes with...
Rad Power Bikes Fat Tire Wheel Lock

Fat Tire Cafe Lock is Now Available for some Rad Power Bikes

Café locks are a handy way of quickly securing a bicycle quickly and easily by preventing the rear wheel from spinning. ...