Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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A New RadWagon 4 Caboose Alternative is Now Available from Super Knuckle

Rad Power Bikes sells the most electric bikes in the United States. This has both been a blessing and a curse...
RadWagon 4

Why I Chose the RadWagon 4 for my Electric Cargo Bike

For the past several weeks I've been watching and reading every review that I could find for many of the most popular...
Macwheel LNE-16 in car

What’s to Come in 2021 on The Journier

Hey, everyone! I hope you are all surviving the long winter. Here in Illinois, we're supposed to get 6-10" of...
KAC Overdrive Bike Rack for Ebikes

Bike Racks for Electric Bikes

It's probably going to happen. Once you have an electric bike you begin to think of all these wonderful places you...
KBO Hurricane

E-Bikes that Don’t Look Like E-Bikes

Looking for an electric bike that doesn't look like an electric bike? Well, here are three that you might want to...
Magnum Pathfinder

4 Great Electric Bikes for Short (and Tall) Riders

The first electric bike I bought was a cute little folding ebike. I thought it would be good for my 5'1"...

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