We’re seeing many new ebike models in 2023 from the most popular brands, and two that are turning a lot of heads are the Aventon Abound, which is Aventon’s first cargo ebike, and the RadRunner 3 Plus from Rad Power Bikes. I’m going to be going into much more detail on both of these bikes in future articles and reviews, but I wanted to introduce them to you, and share my thoughts on them.

Aventon Abound

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I think Aventon has done a terrific job with their first cargo ebike. They didn’t hold much back on the Aventon Abound. For $2199, it comes with a torque sensor, dropper seat post, full-color display, integrated lights including turn signals, hydraulic brakes, a folding/adjustable stem, a 750-watt rear hub motor, and a 48 volt 15 ah battery.

The design of it is pretty slick, and reminds me of the much more pricey Riece & Muller Multitinker electric cargo bike. It’s also comparable to a Tern in terms of its utility and ability to carry a heavy load. In fact, the Abound is rated for 440 pounds. That’s quite a bit!

Like other Aventon models, the frame is beautiful with smooth welds and glossy paint. The frame also has a massive gusset between the down tube and the seat tube to make those heavy loads possible.

On the down side, it’s a heavy bike at 81 pounds. Moving a heavy bike can be a bit challenging in the garage and especially when placing on a car rack. You would want a car rack with a ramp, and rated strong enough to carry such a heavy bike. With a 50-inch wheelbase, it’s longer than your average bike, but it’s not huge. I prefer its size over the RadWagon.

I’m not terribly impressed with the 14-28 tooth cassette, because I’ve always found them to be limiting. On the plus side, though, the Abound is equipped with a torque sensor, so it should minimize ghost pedaling, I hope. The torque sensor makes a lot of sense on a cargo bike, since they’re so much easier to take off from a dead stop when pedaling. It’s almost like using a throttle with your feet. It’s also equipped with a standard throttle, which is very handy on a cargo bike.



The rear rack is long enough for carrying two smaller children, and could definitely carry plenty of groceries. If you’re wanting the Abound to be a car replacement in the city, the Abound is a great choice.

Overall, I’m liking what I see. It’s priced about right for what you’re getting. This is a bike with a custom frame, and lots of accessories. It even has a cool bag that fits in the frame for practical storage.

I’ll be going into more detail on the Abound soon, but you can check it out at Aventon.

RadRunner 3 Plus

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Okay, I won’t lie. When I saw the $2499 price tag for the new RadRunner 3 Plus, I almost choked on my scrambled eggs. I owned the original RadRunner a few years ago, but paid half as much. So, the question many people are asking is, “Is the price for the RadRunner 3 justified?” “Is it worth $2499?” Well, let’s take a look.

What is different about the RadRunner 3? In comparison to other RadRunner models, it has hydraulic brakes, a completely redesigned frame, a semi-integrated battery, a redesigned seat and passenger seat, and the ability to add a second battery (not available yet, but coming).

Like the original RadRunner, you can still get a redesigned center console and other accessories designed just for the RadRunner 3. The foot pegs are also lower for improved passenger riding comfort. The 750-watt motor has 10% more power for hills or whatever you to throw it its way.



I do like the choice for the freewheel. It has an 11-34 tooth spread, which I definitely prefer over 14-28. This will enable you to pedal more comfortably at higher and lower speeds, and have a comfortable cadence.

Other things I appreciate are the front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, fairly compact size, and the amount of accessories that Rad offers.

It’s equipped with a 750-watt rear hub motor and 48 volt 14 ah battery for decent range. You can expect to go up to 45 miles on both the Aventon Abound and RadRunner 3, if primarily using pedal assist.

Things I don’t like about the RadRunner 3 are the split display, which I find unnecessary, and the loud motor. In lower pedal assist levels, the motor isn’t so loud, but you won’t be sneaking up on anybody. I haven’t heard the motor on the Abound yet, but I have on the RadRunner 3, and it’s not exactly whisper quiet.

So, is it worth $2499? For that price I’d expect a torque sensor and better lights. It has integrated lights but not as nice as the Abound. I’d like to see it priced the same as the Abound, at $2199, if not a little less. That being said, it is a unique bike with tons of utility. I loved my first RadRunner. I only sold it to do more reviews, but it was my cruising bike. The RadRunner is a lot of fun to ride and own, so it can be money well spent.

Check out the review from ElectricBikeReview.com of the RadRunner 3 Plus. Court always does a fantastic job. His review convinced me that Rad made a lot of good decisions with the bike.

I’ll also be going into more detail on the RadRunner 3 Plus. Until then, you can check it out at Rad’s website.


If you’re trying to decide between the Aventon Abound and RadRunner 3 Plus, a few key things to consider is that the Abound is able to haul two children, while the RadRunner is only capable of hauling one. You’ll also be able to fit larger items on the Abound since its rear rack is longer. It also comes with running boards for rear passenger, or two.

The Abound has a torque sensor for a better pedaling experience, but if you have sensitive knees or other health issues you may prefer the cadence sensor on the RadRunner 3.

The RadRunner 3 is a little lighter than the Abound and has a more standard length wheelbase. It’s more compact for tighter spaces. Both have low step-over heights, but the Abound can accomodate shorter riders better, and also has a dropper seat post.

The Abound can haul 440 pounds, compared to 350 pounds for the RadRunner 3, so that something else to consider.

You just need to consider your unique needs and make the best choice for you.

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Last Update: March 2, 2023