Okay, I am a total bike nerd. I admit it, but I love seeing bike trails from all parts of the country. Most trails, I’ll never have the chance to ride, but I can ride vicariously through others who share their experiences on YouTube. Bike touring is much more than just about riding a bike. Challenges and unexpected events along the way can make rides memorable experiences, and even life lessons. I’ve only just begun to share my experiences on the trail, but here are some of my favorite YouTube channels for exploring the country by bike, and meeting some pretty cool people online.

Roland & Julianna

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My favorite binge-worthy series is from Roland & Julianna, @thebicycletourists on YouTube. I especially enjoyed their journey across the United States, from Washington state to Maine. It’s full of scenic beauty, trials, setbacks, and persistence without unnecessary drama.

You can watch them ride in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, over the Rocky Mountains, and then finding Montana to be too unsafe to ride by bike along its roads. They pick up again in Kansas City and ride all the way to Maine, even dealing with Covid along the way.

With bike touring, you have to be flexible, because you never know what adversity or challenges you’ll meet. It’s a fascinating series, if you’re into bike touring, or getting to know two retired folks who are a delight to meet.

Their videos are also wonderfully edited and narrated. Their trip across the United States is good enough quality to be a TV series, in my opinion.

They are currently releasing videos of the bike tour of France, which I am also enjoying. I look forward to their future adventures.

Adventures on Ebikes

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It blows my mind that this channel doesn’t have more subscribers, because it offers so much valuable content for cyclists, whether they’re on ebikes or not. You can enjoy some good cycling adventures on many of the best bike trails in the eastern United States.

Adventures on Ebikes, @adventuresonebikes, is hosted by a retired couple who travel to many locations to explore trails that are ideal for an afternoon ride or day trip that’s worth the drive. They usually find some great place to eat or have a nice drink, too. I also appreciate the history lessons of the trails. It’s obvious a lot of work and thought goes into the production of each video. They also tell you both the good and not-so-good of each trail, so it’s helpful content before planning your trip.

The channel uploads new content regularly, and I’m always happy to see a new video released.

Denise Looking Out

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Denise Looking Out @DeniseLookingOut is another one of my favorites. You have to watch her journey along the Ohio to Erie trail. It goes to show that plans can change quickly, and adversity can pile up. It takes a strong person to keep on going. Denise has a low-key, easy going style that is so refreshing.

She made the Ohio to Erie trail is a solo rider, but you can also find other biking adventures on her channel of many other places. Her new series will soon be released of her travels along the Katy Trail in Missouri. I’m looking forward to that.

Paul Suchecki

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Paul Suchecki @paulsuchecki3985 is anything but a snobby cyclist. He’s a retired science teacher who has made many long treks across the United States by bike, and by himself. He has his own style in every way and it works. I appreciate how much work he puts into each video, with multiple camera views and drone footage. His humor is also enjoyable.



He’s from southern Illinois, but has ridden in many locations all over the United States. You don’t want to miss his adventures. His Ohio to Erie trail video is epic! You have to watch it.

I’m always looking out for great channels to follow, and I hope I can create some good videos of my own in the future. After all, riding bikes is much more than just riding bikes. There are journeys and adventures out there to be had.

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Last Update: June 8, 2023