Carbon frame gravel bikes can be expensive, but there are some options out there that are affordable. The Giant Revolt Advanced 3 lists for $2400, and now we have the Carbon All-Road from State Bicycle Company.

As far as companies go, these two are worlds apart. Giant is one of the largest bike companies in the world. State Bicycle Company is a direct-to-consumer brand located in Arizona, but has made a name for itself, in a short amount of time.

They’ve even established collaborations with well-known brands to create limited edition bikes and gear. Right now they have limited edition Beatles-themed bikes, and even from Taco Bell. You can also buy some fun custom jerseys, like the one below.

Courtesy of State Bicycle Co. Check it out online.

Okay, that’s all cool and everything, but are the bikes any good? There are several models to choose from, and of course, quality is going to vary depending upon components, like the cassette, derailleur, shifters, brakes, tires, etc., but the general consensus is that the frames are very good.

Their most affordable All-Road model is the 4130, which utilizes a chromoly steel frame, which I’m a big fan of for gravel bikes. Not only is steel strong, great at dampening vibrations, and thus very comfortable on gravel, steel is also affordable. The 4130 goes for $749, and is considered as one of the best affordable gravel bikes by many cycling enthusiasts.

Obviously, it’s not going to have high-end components for $749, but it’s a great starting point that has been well-thought-out.

The 4130 All-Road (pictured below) is available in a variety of colors and builds. If you’re looking for an affordable entry-level gravel bike, this is one to keep on your short list.

All-Road Carbon

But, today, we’re focusing on the All-Road Carbon. Carbon frames are well-known for being lightweight, relatively strong, and providing very good ride quality. Pretty much all higher end road bikes use carbon frames because they’re so lightweight, but they’re often expensive. So, finding a gravel bike with a carbon frame for $2k has to grab one’s attention.

Something that is also unique of State Bicycle Co., is that you can essentially purchase two bikes in one. The All-Road Carbon is available with a 700c wheelset or a 650b wheelset, or you can choose to have both. You’ll get a second set of wheels, tires, tubes, rotors, and a cassette for an additional fee.

The idea of that appeals to me, because I’ve always been reluctant to purchase a gravel bike with 650b wheels, because most of the time, I’m riding around the city or on paved bike paths. That demands a faster and lighter wheelset, but for occasional weekend adventures off-road, it would sure be nice to switch to 650b for increased comfort and stability.

Of course, you can just purchase one or the other and upgrade later if you decide to, but I do love the concept of a 2-in-1 bike, and knowing that I can swap out a wheelset that is compatible with the frame so easily.

Like their other All-Road models, the All-Road Carbon is loaded with mounting points for carrying gear, bags, racks, etc. This is an adventure bike, just begging to be taken on longer rides, or even used as a touring bike.



The 700c option uses Vittoria Terreno Zero Tires, which are considered upper mid-range. These are very good tires that I wouldn’t expect to see on a $2000 bike.

The drivetrain features the State Bicycle Co All-Road 11-speed with an 11-42 cassette. This is a good range for mild to moderate sized hills. If you’re riding in the mountains, you might want an even lower gear than 42, but for many, 11-42 is an ideal range.

The hydraulic brakes are also State Bicycle Co branded and feature 160 mm rotors.

You can even upgrade to wireless shifting for $999. This will get you the SRAM Apex electronic shifter.

But, I think for many people, the base model is a good option to start with. With a good quality carbon frame and other good components, this is a bike that is worth upgrading over time.

State Bicycle put together the video below of the All-Road Carbon, and while it’s short on details of the bike, it gives you a glimpse of what the bike looks like in action.

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For more information, or to purchase the All-Road Carbon, visit State Bicycle Company online. I look forward to seeing what else State Bicycle Co. has to offer in the future.

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Last Update: August 15, 2023