This week’s bike of the week has quite a name! It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue all that smoothly, but it provides smooth electronic wireless shifting that doesn’t cost as much as a used car. This is the 6061 All Road Apex XPLR AXS gravel bike from State Bicycle Co.

This is due SRAM’s wireless shifting in the form of the XPLR AXS derailleur. Electronic shifters are normally pricey, so the $2399 price tag for State Bicycle Co.’s All Road gravel bike featuring the wireless AXS derailleur is notable.

If you’re new to wireless shifting, the name implies what it’s all about. Instead of using cables for shifting, a signal is sent from the bike’s shift levers to the motor in the derailleur. Wireless shifters require batteries and that means charging, but the shifting is smooth and reliable. They’re also waterproof and able to withstand whatever the trail throws its way.

You can customize how the shifter works through SRAM’s app that you download to your smartphone. Through the app you can choose presets and even multistep shifting, so if you want to be able to go up or down more than one gear at a time, you can. This all works through Bluetooth, which we all know can be a little unreliable at times, but overall the reviews are very good for SRAM’s wireless shifters.

So what else are you getting for the $2399 price tag? Well, a pretty decent gravel bike. Of course, the 6061 in the name refers to the 6061 aluminum frame, but you’ll also get a carbon fork for weight savings and a more comfortable ride over gravel.

The bike also has thru-axles, and tubeless ready wheels. Speaking of the wheels, you can order the bike with either 700 c wheels or 650 b, and for $399 more, you can order a second set of wheels for the bike. This doesn’t just include the wheels but also the tires, tubes, cassette and rotors for easily switching between the two different wheel sizes. You can do this with many of State’s other models, which I think is a great value.

Other than that, State Bicycle Co’s All-Road bicycles feature classic frame geometry and the convenience of customizing the bike when ordering. You can choose to upgrade the wheels, fork, pedals, and saddle. You can also purchase a tubeless kit when ordering the bike. This is something that I appreciate from State Bicycle Co., and I wish other bicycle companies would make possible for their bikes.

State Bicycle Company is a direct-to-consumer brand but also known for partnering with some big name brands for some of their bike models, and clothing line. State Bicycle Co. headquarters is located in Tempe, Arizona. The frames are currently made in Taiwan for many, if not all, of their current models.

You can check out the All Road 6061 Apex XPLR AXS bike, here.

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Last Update: October 15, 2023