This week’s bike of the week isn’t just one particular bike, but really the company that sells them, though we’ll be looking at the ReachyourDestination model. To me, this is a good hybrid that can handle a variety of surfaces, be a little easier to pedal, and handle hills decently. It’s also commuter ready with full fenders and a rear rack included.

Sixthreezero began in Southern California in 2005, and at that time, specialized in creating fun cruiser-style bicycles. Today, they also sell hybrid and commuter bikes, but all their models are unique in their styling and many are customizable in terms of how many gears you prefer, and accessories that you would like to add. You can also choose between a 1-year or Forever warranty for a very reasonable price.

Women in particular seem to really love Sixthreezero, as many of their models have that classic women’s bike style and vibe. They do sell men’s and unisex models, too, but many of their models are suited well for young mothers and grandmothers who may need to bring a child along. You can even add a childseat when customizing the bike of your choice. Be aware that many of their models and accessories go out of stock often, so if you find something you like, you might not want to delay too long.

And, just for the record, I am not an affiliate of Sixthreezero, so I’m not making any commission off of this article. I just wanted to highlight the brand and a model that I think will work well for many women.

Sixthreezero ReachyourDestination

The first thing we can learn about Sixthreezero as a company is that they’re not a fan of spaces between words, but that’s okay because the names reflect the purpose of each model. ReachyourDestination is a hybrid bicycle with 700 c x 38 mm tires, which are wide enough for comfort, but easier to pedal than a beach cruiser’s wider tire widths. So, it can be ridden many places, and be practical enough to ride longer distances.

It has an aluminum frame to keep the bike light, and a steel fork to dampen vibrations from the road. This is a good combination for an affordable hybrid.

If you live in a flat part of the country, like Florida for example, a beach cruiser makes a lot of sense, like the very popular EVRYjourney. It sure has some sweet color combinations! A single speed or a three-speed is plenty for flat terrain. If you live in a hillier part of the country, then you’ll want some more gears.

I recommend at least 7 gears. My preferred gear range for a commuter bike is 12-32 or 12-34. The ReachyouDestination model comes with a 14-28 tooth cassette, which is okay if you’re riding up milder hills. You’ll want a lower gear than 28 if you have to contend with monster hills. The low gear is the highest number, which can be confusing. So, in a 14-28 range, 28 is the low gear, or the biggest cog on the cassette, and 14 is the highest gear, and smallest cog.

The low gear is the easiest to pedal and the one to choose for hills, while the high gear is the hardest to pedal, but the one that provides the highest speed. So, choose a model that will fit your needs best.

ReachyourDestination weighs in at 33 lbs. Yes, there are definitely lighter bikes out there, but for a commuter with fenders and a rear rack, that isn’t too bad. The frame geometry will provide stiffness when riding, which makes for a steady and predictable ride. Deep step-thru frames can sometimes have frame flex, which can make such bikes more unstable at higher speeds, and you’ll lose energy to the frame flexing. That’s why road bikes are so stiff.

ReachyourDestination is a good compromise between a road bike and a cruiser. It provides good comfort and stability without being big, slow, and clunky. That’s why I chose it to highlight.

Of course, hills don’t matter so much on an ebike, and Sixthreezero has several ebike models. The ReachyourDestination 500W is the ebike version of the Reachyourdestination model and will power you up just about any hill. You’ll still get as much of a workout as you want, but not be a sweaty mess afterward.



I look forward to personally reviewing several of Sixthreezero’s models in the near future, but the company and their bikes regularly receive high marks. Their Forever warranty is unheard of, too, but only applies to their standard bicycles. For their ebikes, a 1-year warranty is offered.

I also love the customize tool that Sixthreezero offers. You can see your bike with added accessories, such as bags, baskets, bells, lights, etc. I wish more bike companies catered to their online customers better.

It’s been fun getting acquainted with the company and many of their models, and make sure to check back, because I will be personally reviewing some of the models here and on the YouTube channel, soon!

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Last Update: August 13, 2023