This week’s bike of the week is a lightweight electric gravel bike called the Roadster V2 from Ride1Up, one of the more popular direct-to-consumer ebike brands in America. Recently, Ride1Up added a new color option, called startdust, which I think looks pretty cool, but the bike isn’t too bad either! At the time I’m writing this, it is priced at $1395, though Ride1Up offers discounts periodically.

The Roadster is a minimalistic ebike, weighing just 33 pounds. In the ebike world, that is very light. This enables the bike to be ridden much like a regular bicycle, so if you are a pedaling enthusiast, who primarily only wants help on hills and longer rides, this may be one to consider.


  • Lightweight at 33 lbs
  • Sleek and Stealthy
  • Good Frame Geometry
  • Standard 700 C x 42 mm Tires
  • Max Speed up to 24 MPH
  • Low Maintenance Belt Drive
  • Great for Exercise


  • Somewhat Limited Range (Booster Battery is Available)
  • It Would Be Nice to Have More Mounts
  • Single-Speed Means You’ll Rely More on Motor for Hills
  • No Extra-Small Frame Size for Short Riders Under 5’3″

As its name suggest, it is a road bike meant for gravel riding. It is outfitted with 700 c x 42 mm tires, for good grip on gravel and good performance on pavement. The frame geometry is unmistakably that of a road bike, but with flat handlebars that are ideal for commuting. At just 550 mm wide, the handlebars are narrow, making the bike a little more nimble in the city.

A unique feature of the Ride1Up Gravel Roadster V2 is that it is a single-speed Gates belt drive. It utilizes a large 63-tooth chainring mated up with a 22-tooth cog in the rear. This makes the bike low maintenance, in that there’s no derailleur to adjust. Belt drives are also typically much more durable than chains.

The bike is geared to be fast. It is a Class 3 ebike, meaning that it can reach speeds of up to 28 mph using pedal assist. The top speed for the Gravel V2 is listed at 24 mph. That’s not too bad for a single speed.

Ride1Up Gravel Roadster V2 in new Stardust color option (2023)

The 350-watt rear hub motor provides up to 40 Nm of torque, which provides a nice boost on hills. You’ll likely still have to put some effort in, but it will definitely take the edge off. The bike uses a super sensitive cadence sensor to detect pedaling. While torque sensors are generally regarded as being more sophisticated and better at providing a more natural pedaling experience, a cadence sensor is often preferred by those with knee sensitivity, since you don’t have to put much pressure on the pedals.

This makes this a great bike for those getting back into shape, especially after a knee surgery. This is a great bike in general for fitness. You’ll also feel right at home riding with others, since it looks such much like a regular bicycle.

Range is going to vary quite a bit, depending upon what level of assist is used, rider weight, terrain, tire pressure, etc., but on average you can expect 20-30 miles out of the 36 volt 7 Ah battery. Of course, if you ride without the motor, you will achieve a higher range.

A booster battery is available, if you think you might need more range. This attaches to the frame of the bike and is removable. The bike’s main battery is contained inside the bike’s frame and is removable, but not easily so. It’s meant to stay inside the frame.

The frame is composed of 6061 aluminum. It also has a rigid aluminum fork, but the 42 mm width tires help provide a more comfortable ride.



Other features include mechanical disc brakes, LCD display, Samsung cells, comfort grips and a custom gel ergonomic saddle.

The Ride1Up Gravel Roadster V2 has been around for a while and receives positive feedback. It is available in two frame sizes and can accommodate riders from 5’3″ – 6’3″. The payload capacity is 300 lbs.

I’ve personally owned three Ride1Up ebikes and have been happy with each one of them. My personal favorite is the Ride1Up Prodigy, but I am also a big fan of minimalistic ebikes, such as the Roadster. It definitely deserves its time as being bike of the week!

You can check out current pricing and availability at Ride1Up.

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Last Update: September 8, 2023