I’m back from a little break with the Bike of the Week, and I think this is a good one for those looking for an affordably priced road bike with some nice styling. We’re going to be looking at the Polygon Strattos S5 Disc, which features a sleek aluminum frame, carbon fork, hydraulic disc brakes, tubeless ready rims, and a Shimano 105 2×11-speed drivetrain. At full retail it goes for $1599, but as I’m writing this it’s priced at $1099 at Bikesonline.com.

If you’re not familiar with Polygon as a company, they are well-known in Asian markets and their bikes are manufactured in Indonesia. I purchased a Polygon Cleo mountain bike a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and performance, considering the price. It’s a well-regarded brand that offers good components and quality frames for an affordable price.

The Strattos S5 Disc first caught my attention because of its styling. Yes, I’ll admit that I fell for its look first, but a lot of us prefer a bike that they think looks good. The paint scheme features a white fork and front end that transitions nicely into a silvery frame. The branding is minimal and tasteful. The insides of the fork and chainstay also have an added color splash to provide some unique styling. I really like the look, but looks don’t mean much when you’re riding the bike, so is it a good performing bike, too?

After watching several reviews from owners of the Strattos S5, my takeaway is that it is a fast bike that tracks well, with good braking, and adequate gears for climbing.

The Shimano 105 groupset is known for being reliable, and easy to maintain. The only downside is that it’s slightly heavier than higher end groupsets, but the majority of riders, will be happy with it, unless they’re looking to save every gram in weight.

The frame geometry of the Strattos S5 makes it a fairly comfortable road bike. It has a more upright riding position as opposed to more aggressive road bikes, but that makes it better for longer rides. It will be easier on your back and more ideal for average riders.

Its 22-speed drivetrain offers enough gears to ensure that you’ll likely find the right one for your preferred resistance, speed, and cadence. The cassette is 11-28-tooth mated up with a 34-50-tooth double chainring. This means it has good hill climbing ability and the performance rider will be able to reach higher speeds. This can be a fast bike!

The Shimano 105 hydraulic brakes offer very good stopping power with refined modulation.

The 28mm tire width is a nice compromise of providing more comfort than super skinny road tires, without sacrificing too much speed and effeciency. The rims are also tubeless ready, which I appreciate.

Weighing in at 9.6 kg or around 21 lbs, it’s a fairly lightweight aluminum-framed road bike. If you want an even lighter bike you’d have to go to full carbon fiber, which would cost considerbly more. However, it is outfitted with a carbon fork which reduces weight and provides greater comfort than an aluminum fork.

Really, there’s very little about the bike’s components that the average rider would feel the need to upgrade right out of the box. It’s outfitted very well for the price and provides very good performance and durability.

Overall, I can easily give the bike a thumbs-up. As a disclaimer, I’m not an affiliate of BikesOnline which sells the Polygon brand, so I’m not making money off of this review. I just think the Polygon Strattos S5 provides good performance at a very good price. Check it out here and read through several customer reviews.



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Last Update: December 3, 2023