This week’s bike of the week is an affordable gravel/hybrid bike priced well below $1k from a reputable brand that offers a ton of value. The Pathlite 5 is the most affordable offering in Canyon’s Pathlite lineup, yet it still offers hydraulic brakes, front suspension, quality tires and reliable Shimano Deore components.

Last year, I purchased the Roadlite 5 WMN, which is very similar to the Pathlite 5 in terms of frame quality and components. The Roadlite 5 is a fast and lively road bike. In fact, the Trek dealer that tuned the bike for me, was impressed with its build. All the workers at the shop had to take it for a spin, with a grin on their face. I would expect the same quality from the Pathlite series.

Canyon doesn’t advertise the Pathlite as a gravel bike, but instead classifies it as a city touring bike. To me, it’s an affordable gravel bike with front suspension.

One reason that makes it so ideal as a gravel bike is its 1x Shimano Deore drivetrain. It’s the type that you normally find on mountain bikes.


With 11 gears and an 11-51 tooth cassette, it’s an excellent hill climber due to its low gearing. My Roadlite 5 is equipped with the same drivetrain, and it is the best hill-climbing bike that I own.

Suspension Fork

Most gravel bikes are equipped with a rigid fork made out of aluminum, steel or carbon. The rigidity increases efficiency, since energy moving the bike forward isn’t lost to a fork bobbing up and down. So, you will lose some speed and efficiency on a bike equipped with front suspension, like the Pathlite. However, the shock absorption can be well worth it, if you’re going to be riding over chunky gravel, or enduring cruddy road conditions.

The Pathlite 5 is equipped with a Suntour NRX-D coil suspension fork that will definitely take the edge off when riding over rough terrain or roads.

Gravel Tires

Another feature that lends the Pathlite 5 well to gravel are the Schwalbe G-One Bite tires it’s equipped with. The 45 mm width will do well on gravel and dirt, while not being overly sluggish on the road. You could always equip the bike with 40 mm tires for better performance on pavement, if that’s where you’ll be riding primarily.

The lightweight frame, handlebar, seat post and other components help keep the bike at just 13.06 kg or 28.79 lbs. That’s not bad for a bike with front suspension.

Right now, the Pathlite 5 is priced at just $749 in the US.

Comparing to Other Pathlite Models

For just $100 more, you may want to consider the Pathlite 6, which offers a slightly upgraded Shimano Deore drivetrain, 12 speeds, and a Suntour air fork. For about $300 more, the Pathlite 7 offers the Shimano XT derailleur, Shimano SLX levers and cassette (12-speed), one-piece aluminum cockpit, and an upgraded SR Suntour air fork. It’s also lighter at 12.24 kg or just under 27 lbs, making it almost 2 lbs lighter than the Pathlite 5.

Concluding Thoughts

The Canyon Pathlite 5 is an excellent value. It’s hard to find a comparable bike from another brand offering the same quality for a similar price. Canyon sells directly to consumers, so you won’t being paying dealer markup.



The downside to that is that you won’t have dealer support directly from Canyon, but my local bike shop was more than happy to work on my Canyon bike. Most dealers are going to be familiar with the brand. There also aren’t many proprietary parts on the bike to worry about.

Overall, I think it’s a great choice for someone looking for an affordable hybrid or gravel bike. With front suspension, hydraulic brakes, a quality frame from an excellent bike maker, and a low maintenance drivetrain, the Pathlite is a good deal.

Check all the available Pathlite models at Canyon, here.

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Last Update: June 29, 2024