I was so impressed with a mirror that I bought for my Aventon Aventure that I had to share. So far, it’s the best that I have found.  I’ve tried many different styles and brands of bike mirrors, and many have fallen short of my expectation.  This one didn’t!

This is a bar end mirror, which provides an excellent view of what is coming from behind. Most mirrors that attach to the top of the handlebar don’t allow for a full view because they don’t extend far enough past your body to not be obstructed. That’s why I prefer bar end mirrors. Most handlebar ends are of a universal size, but the mirror is adjustable to a wide range of diameters, 17-21mm.

The mirror also stayed in place with no noticeable vibration that blurred the view. While riding on a two-lane winding road, I could see all traffic coming up from behind. A good mirror is a must-have safety accessory for your bike. You can buy the MEACHOW bar end mirror on Amazon. I will be buying more for my other ebikes!

Aventon Aventure with Bike Mirror

Aventon Aventure with MEACHOW bike mirror

Aventon Aventure with MEACHOW bike mirror


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Last Update: September 11, 2022